Worldcoin Launches Orb Verification Function in Singapore

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Barely a week after suspending its orb verification function in India, Brazil, and France, Worldcoin launches the same service in Singapore. According to a Worldcoin blog post, individuals in Singapore can now “verify their unique humanness at an Orb” as part of the “latest sign of growing global interest in proof of personhood and the Worldcoin project.”

Markedly, this follows the successful launch of World ID 2.0 as well as the open-sourcing of the Worldcoin iris recognition pipeline in mid-December. Following the launch in Singapore, up to five verification centers have been established in the region.

Worldcoin Exit India, Brazil, and France 

Sam Altman’s Worldcoin is keen on expanding its orb verification tool to top economic hubs like Singapore but at the same time, the company felt the need to exit other key markets. It is believed that the exit from India, Brazil, and France was due to regulatory uncertainties. Although Tools for Humanity, the foundation overseeing Worldcoin’s development explained that the expansion of the orb verification tool was initially meant for “limited time access” in various markets. 

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Still, Lily Gordon, one Worldcoin spokesperson highlighted the firm’s commitment to complying with regulatory frameworks prevalent in any jurisdiction. Meanwhile, there are plans to return to these key markets with a bespoke, safe, and orderly process that effectively meets demand.

Worldcoin’s Tools for Humanity Bags New Partnerships

Apart from the World ID verification in Singapore, Tools for Humanity is now a member of ACCESS and the Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), two of Singapore’s most respected startup and tech associations. This is happening amidst a recent multi-city tour in Asia made by members of the Tool for Humanity product development team.

Worldcoin intends to reach other regions with its World ID verification and in the last few months, the firm has been investing resources into achieving this goal.

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Worldcoin Expands to Argentina 

Worldcoin is focused on offering a secure and accessible means for individuals to establish and manage their digital identities through its fusion of blockchain technology with identity verification. In August 2023, there was a high demand for World ID service within Argentina. In a single day, the number of sign-ups for the service reached an all-time high, precisely 9,500 users.

Noteworthy, this was around the same thing when Argentine authorities opened an investigation into the project’s data management practices. 

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