XRP Holder’s Lawyer John Deaton Suffers Twitter Account Exploit


Prominent XRP advocate and renowned lawyer John Deaton has recently fallen victim to a cyberattack that resulted in the hack of his Twitter account. 

According to the announcement, Deaton’s had been compromised as a result of “a relentless cyberattack over several days.”

Twitter Hack: the False Narrative

According to the details, the alleged hackers behind the cyberattack on John Deaton’s Twitter account sought to take advantage of his status and credibility. 

The hackers exploited Deaton’s influential Twitter account to announce the launch of a new digital token called “LAW.” The tweet claimed that $LAW was the official token derived from CryptoLaw, a fictitious entity. 

This deceitful announcement aimed to leverage Deaton’s reputation and influence within the crypto community, enticing followers to participate in a token sale via a linked website.

CryptoLaw Rebuts False Narrative

Following the incident, CryptoLaw, the organization closely linked to XRP supporter John Deaton, quickly refuted the fraudulent token announcement. The CryptoLaw team stated that Deaton’s account had been hacked, claiming that the tweet advertising the token “LAW” was not genuine.

Additionally, the organization cautioned against interacting with any links shared through Deaton’s account and advised disregarding any communication until further notice.

Ongoing Security Challenges

The hacking incident involving John Deaton’s Twitter account highlights the persistent security challenges faced by high-profile individuals in the crypto world. 

Social media platforms, such as Twitter, have often become targets for malicious actors seeking to exploit the reputation and influence of influential figures. These bad actors employ tactics aimed at deceiving and scamming unsuspecting followers, creating a challenging environment for those advocating for digital assets.

Recently, the official Twitter account of KuCoin crypto exchange was hacked, causing a loss of around 22,638 USDT worth approximately $22,636 at the time for many users. In a similar situation, the Twitter account of the well-known Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project Azuki was breached by hackers via a fraudulent link that appeared to be a virtual land mint. 

The Importance of Vigilance and Awareness

In light of the incident, it is essential for crypto users to exercise vigilance, maintain awareness of potential scams, and remain cautious when interacting on social media platforms.

Verifying information from trustworthy sources, abstaining from clicking strange links, and being wary of unsolicited emails are all critical strategies for mitigating the dangers connected with cyber attacks.

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