Y00ts NFT Project Announces Migration from Polygon to Ethereum


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The Y00ts Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) project has sparked interest in the crypto space with its recent news of a planned move from Polygon to Ethereum. While the migration date is yet unknown, Y00ts has guaranteed that this vital piece of information would be revealed soon.

Y00ts, which had earlier migrated from Solana to Polygon earlier this year, has proven its adaptability and appetite for strategic shifts. This upcoming move to Ethereum is yet another bold stride that showcases the project’s dedication to innovation and growth within the NFT space. 

Y00ts to Return $3 Million from Polygon

The Y00ts project said would be returning 100% of the grant ($3 million) provided by Polygon. This decision, while unexpected, underscores Y00ts’ dedication to fostering an empowered NFT ecosystem that supports builders and creators.

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The returned funds are set to be redirected toward nurturing the NFT ecosystem, focusing on the expansion and empowerment of creators and builders. By reallocating the grant in this manner, Y00ts is not only taking a symbolic step towards community support but also setting an example for sustainable growth within the broader NFT space.

Y00ts Plans to Unite with “DeGods” on Ethereum

The tweet that triggered this anticipation read, “We still love Polygon. It’s just time to unite the DeGods & y00ts communities.” This statement covers not only the reasons for the migration but also Y00ts’ dedication to building relationships and creating a more cohesive NFT ecosystem.

Once successfully migrated, Y00ts is set to join the DeGods collection on the Ethereum blockchain, underlining a strategic move to bring these two projects, created by Rohun Vora (also known as Frank), closer together. Both Y00ts and DeGods were created on the Solana blockchain in October 2021, with Rohun Vora directing the creative effort. 

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While the projects began on Solana, the route of development saw DeGods migrate to Ethereum in April, with the goal of leveraging Ethereum’s well-established ecosystem and large user base. Now, Y00ts is poised to follow suit, completing the circle of migration between the two platforms.

Ethereum’s Contribution to NFT

Ethereum, often hailed as the pioneer of smart contracts and decentralized applications, has undeniably played a pivotal role in shaping the NFT ecosystem. Its versatile blockchain infrastructure and robust capabilities have been instrumental in facilitating the explosive growth and adoption of NFTs, revolutionizing how digital assets, art, and collectibles are perceived and transacted.

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