Zilliqa to launch Web3 gaming console with this unique capability

Zilliqa has recently announced the launch of a new Web3-focused video game console with a twist that makes it unique.

Renowned layer-1 blockchain protocol Zilliqa has recently announced the launch of a new Web3-focused video game console with a twist that makes it unique, aiming to give tough competition to existing products from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. 

According to the official announcement, the new console by Zilliqa is designed for crypto-curious gamers and offers the possibility of cryptocurrency mining while the players have fun with Web3-powered games.

The console, which is expected to start testing by October 2022, features a Web3 wallet, its own Game hub, and crypto mining tools.

Hardware specs of Zilliqa video game console

Zilliqa has not yet released the console’s hardware specifications, but based on the diversity of connections visible in the images (including HDMI, Ethernet, USB-C, and USB 3.0), it is anticipated to be a competitive piece of hardware on par with its well-known rivals.

Zilliqa’s head of gaming technology, Valentin Cobelea, said the company had a positive response from the public when it unveiled its debut game at Gamescom. In addition to the device’s gaming capabilities, the team hopes to attract users’ attention with financial incentives, which will be a pleasant bonus for those looking to purchase it. Cobelea stated:

“Zilliqa’s hardware console and gaming hub will allow non-crypto natives to earn money while playing fun games without the complexity of managing the crypto they earn.”

Once the company extends its portfolio, the console and gaming hub will be released in the first half of 2023. The goal of the company is to become “the Steam of Web3 games.”

The company is confident that with the support of the sizable crypto community on Zilliqa and the user-friendly infrastructure, it can establish itself as the Steam of Web3 games.

Zilliqa believes that the Web3 gaming market is still in its infancy, so perhaps in the future, studios might offer new game methods that, beyond focusing on monetary incentives, are entertaining and competitive. A recent report by DappRadar reveals that blockchain gaming is the least affected by the crypto winter.