zkSync to Develop Layer 3 Chain Called Opportunity

Matter Labs, the developer of the Ethereum (ETH) scaling engine zkSync announced the development of a Layer-3 chain dubbed Opportunity. The Opportunity is still in the early stage of development but when finally completed, it will improve the scalability of the zkSync blockchain infrastructure. 

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Specifically, Layer 3 is expected to reduce the scalability of ETH and also decrease the cost of gas.

According to Matter Labs, the developmental stages are meant to have reached proof-of-concept rollout by Q1 of 2023. “zkSync’s EMV-compatible Layer 3 proof of concept ‘Opportunity’ will come to life in the first quarter of 2023, bringing a starfield of 10X moments to Ethereum,” Matter Labs announced

Layer 3 Opportunity Formerly Called Pathfinder

Talks about the launch of Opportunity started way earlier this month when the developer of zkSync announced it for the first time under the name Pathfinder.

Now that the developmental stages are ongoing, the name has been changed to Opportunity. Right from when it was called Pathfinder, it was believed that this zkSync Layer 3 will be the first network built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. 

“Pathfinder represents a special moment for Ethereum. Not one that’s only experienced by the few, but one where we get to see history being made together as an ecosystem on a public testnet,” Chief Product Officer of zkSync Steve Newcomb told The Block.

While Layer 2 serves its benefits, Layer 3 is an upgraded version that includes all the features of the former with additional scaling properties.

Layer 3 will only be an additional off-chain computation layer on zkSync’s Layer 2 main network. Newcomb claims that crypto technology adoption will skyrocket to a higher degree with the new addition. 

Now referring to Opportunity, the Head of Engineering at zkSync said;

“For us on the engineering team, Pathfinder gives us the ability to really understand the shape these systems are likely to take in the future and to tackle some of the hardest problems early on. We believe that when it comes to engineering complex systems the best way to make progress is to aggressively build, test, and iterate with feedback from the real world.”

In the midst of this, zkSync plans to release information about its token in early November.

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