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Riot Platforms has announced its recent acquisition of its rival Bitcoin (BTC) mining firm, Block Mining to boost its operations

Ferrari has made a major splash in its EU market as it is now set to permit crypto payments featuring Bitcoin for its cars

Bitcoin Layer-2 protocol BitLayer has grown to $300 million in market capitalization as it scored new funding from top VCs

Metaplanet Inc, an investment firm based in Tokyo, Japan has hit its target of accumulating ¥1 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin prices dropped from $67,453 to $65,884 in 30 minutes, according to data from CoinGecko but then rose as high as $68,284.

Former President Donald Trump is set to host a private fundraising roundtable in Nashville during his visit for a Bitcoin (BTC) conference

Bitcoin is facing a battle to reclaim a critical bull market trendline, which it lost for the first time in nearly a year in June.

BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes’ Maelstrom fund has announced a new Bitcoin grant program with the goal of developing the blockchain.

UK Judge James Mellor plans to refer Craig Wright to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to be considered for perjury charges

Kraken Exchange has received more than 48,000 Bitcoin from the Mt.Gox Trustee as it looks forward to the re-distribution to users

The biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, Bitcoin is again facing selling pressure as Mt. Gox has transferred 44k BTC to an internal wallet.

Bima Labs, the developer behind the Bitcoin-backed stablecoin USBD, has recently announced a successful seed funding round of $2.25 million.

Marathon CFO Salman Khan clarified that both internal procedures and market forces have an impact on the choice to hold Bitcoin.

Crypto investment products recorded an inflow of $1.44 billion in the past week with Bitcoin leading the revival as expected

Tron Founder Justin Sun, known for his high profile trades has bought $45 million worth of Ethereum as ETF launch draws near

The spot Bitcoin ETF market has seen a massive uptick in Hong Kong and Australia despite the intense selloff in the past week

The German government’s Bitcoin wallet has dwindled to 9,094 Bitcoin, a mere 18% of its initial holdings which stood at 49,857 BTC.

As per Farside Investors, total net inflows across all U.S.-based spot Bitcoin ETFs on July 9 alone came out to be $216.4 million.

Sygnum Bank offers a variety of its own crypto-related exchange-traded products..

Bitfarms' lead director Brian Howlett announced that Bitfarms has adopted a..

HSBC clarified that it would continue to accept payments from crypto..

July 25, 2024

Roma secures Virtual Assets Service Provider License from Dubai VARA

Render Whales Eye Raboo's Presale: Surpassing $2M Outperforming SHIB In Meme..

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