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The Coinbase cold storage wallet had initially accumulated the 8,000 Bitcoin through multiple transfers on December 5, 2018.

Metaplanet has recently expanded its Bitcoin holdings by acquiring an additional 23.35 BTC for more than $1.5 million

DeFi Technologies is part of a broader trend of institutional adoption of Bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset.

Digital asset investment products welcomed an inflow of $2 billion over the past week on sustained inflow from spot Bitcoin ETF

The recent low volatility in Bitcoin suggests a period of consolidation, often a precursor to significant price movements.

SkyBridge Capital Founder Anthony Scaramucci is bullish on Bitcoin price, predicting that the coin may soar to $700,000

The COPA also requested a civil restraint order against Craig Wright to prevent him from pursuing further legal actions.

BlackRock Inc spot Bitcoin ETF - IBIT has exceeded 300,000 BTC in assets under management (AUM) after five months of trading

Semler Scientific is following the footsteps of MicroStrategy with respect to the accumulation of Bitcoin in its portfolio

Thailand SEC has joined other regulators in Western countries like the US, UK and Australia to greenlight spot Bitcoin ETF

Australia as a nation has joined the spot Bitcoin ETF bandwagon with the launch of the product that will hold actual BTC

Veteran crypto trader Peter Brandt estimates a 25% chance that Bitcoin has already reached its bull market top.

Peter Brandt has recently expressed a strong case for Bitcoin (BTC), suggesting that fiat currencies are on a path toward decline

Can Galaxy Fox to be Next Big P2E Gaming Crypto After Axie Infinity?

Japanese cryptocurrency trading platform DMM Bitcoin has reported the sum of $308 million in major BTC theft since Coincheck

President Joe Biden is backtracking from his anti-crypto stance as digital assets policy is playing a key role in coming election

The advent of United States spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) marks a significant milestone in the financial landscape

Blockchain payments firm Ripple Labs Inc has injected another $25 million into Fairshake Super PAC to support crypto candidates

June 12, 2024

The Coinbase cold storage wallet had initially accumulated the 8,000 Bitcoin..

June 12, 2024

PleasrDAO accuseed Shkreli of causing "significant monetary and irreparable harm," asserting..

June 11, 2024

Binance Labs has teased its new strategic investment in Layer 2..

June 11, 2024

Singapore crypto trading platform is making headlines with the approval..

June 11, 2024

Metaplanet has recently expanded its Bitcoin holdings by acquiring an additional..

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