Circle Abandons SWIFT and Collaborates with Xapo Bank

Circle has announced that it has abandoned the SWIFT payment platform in order to collaborate with Gibraltar-based Xapo Bank

Blockchain Holds Benefit for Municipalities, Moody’s Says

Moody's has clarified that municipalities can conserve funds by leveraging blockchain technology-based platforms

Indian Crypto Users Account for 53% of Global Total in 2023: Report

A new report has shown that Indian crypto users makes up at least 53% of the total global number of users even beyond the US

Senator Ted Cruz Introduces Bill to Stop U.S Digital Dollar

Texas Senator Ted Cruz and other Senate Republicans have confirmed that they do not support the US CBDC agenda

EU Legislators Vote in Favor of an EU-Wide Digital Wallet

Legislators of the European Union (EU) Parliament have voted in favor of the proposed EU-wide digital wallet