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Stay ahead of the curve with our expert Future Tech Project Reviews, reviews of the newest projects in the world of crypto, blockchain, NFTs, DeFi, and WEB3. Our team of professionals provides in-depth analysis of the most promising projects, examining their features, strengths, and weaknesses to help you make informed decisions. Whether you’re looking for the next big thing in the world of crypto or just want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, our reviews will give you the insights you need. We regularly update our reviews to ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date information on the market.

Discover the potential of Lithosphere.Network (LITHO) in our comprehensive review, as we explore its AI-powered cross-chain capabilities, unique features, and comparisons with other blockchain networks.

Helio Protocol is an open-source liquidity protocol for borrowing and earning yield on its native destablecoin HAY. 

In a world where a day starts with a screen and ends with a screen, gaming is one of the most crucial sources of entertainment. While conventional gaming is still mainstream, the integration of Blockchain technology in the games has recently gained massive traction.  The integration of Blockchain technology in the gaming industry simply results […]

With the increasing demand for the emerging cryptocurrency sector, the demand for automated trading tools is also touching the skies. The lack of time among investors to regularly follow up on their portfolios leads to an urgent demand for an exchange with automated trading services.  TradeFlow is a platform that combines highly profitable automated trading technologies […]

The Crypto industry has recently seen massive regulatory involvement all over the world. Several countries have come up with their tax regime, but it is not always easy to calculate and manage tax payments, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies. A sensible citizen who keeps their tax profile active and updated would always appreciate a […]

In the crypto market, when every investing entity wants to earn a passive income on their holdings, the liquidity management platform comes in handy. However, some of the biggest issues that they have are high risk, hedging, and high fees. By providing solutions to these issues, Universe Finance seems to have the potential of growing […]

The biggest outcome of Blockchain technology is decentralization Finance (DeFi), and when it comes to DeFi, investors always prefer Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for their benefits like anonymity and market manipulation prevention. Arken Finance is a full package for the people who are looking for a decentralized exchange that offers privacy and security at the same […]

In a world where people know the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency but do not have enough time for regular follow-up, TradeFlow or TFLOW comes as a savior. It is a platform that solves the problem of time management and offers efficient trading by combining highly profitable automated trading with investing in the Real […]

Ravendex is an all-in-one trading tool for people who open their positions on decentralized exchanges. With its indistinctive architecture, AMM protocol, and wide range of features, it aims to fast and secure delivery. What is Ravendex? Ravendex is the first non-custodial decentralized exchange (DEX) in the world, which uses the AMM protocol to operate on […]

Arken Finance is an all-in-one trading tool for people who open their positions on decentralized exchanges. Traders have real-time access to market data which is very comprehensive. Furthermore, it aggregates the data from varying decentralized exchanges and gives the best swap rates for a huge number (more than 266,000) of tokens. What is Arken Finance? […]

Amid the rising demand for an optimal decentralized exchange (DEX) platform in terms of cost, reliability, and scalability, AstroSwap comes as a savior. Decentralized exchanges allow users to conduct digital peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions without the involvement of an intermediary body. What is AstroSwap? AstroSwap, the First Decentralized Exchange (DEX) based on the Cardano Blockchain, promises to address […]

ChickenFast is a new way through which you can earn a decent amount as a side income. It is one of the magic that cloud mining brings with it. A cloud mining system lets you mine cryptocurrencies without actually installing and running expensive software.  What is ChickenFast? With the help of ChickenFast, one can easily mine […]

Genius Yield is launching its ISPO: Stake your ADA, Support new projects and Obtain the new project’s tokens About Genius Yield Genius Yield is a DeFi asset management solution implemented on the Cardano blockchain to provide superior yield optimization and high returns to users. Genius Yield has developed an AI-powered Smart Liquidity Management protocol that […]

QUASA is a Decentralized Metaverse That Brings Together Freelancers and Clients. QUASA is the starting point for the growth and coordination of the Quasa Chain blockchain. The Quasa Blockchain is the technological backbone of the payment system, operated by a network of validators nodes. The QUASA is being created to solve the biggest problem facing […]

With the current content creation industry dominated by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the artists realize the costs involved in signing up for the services provided by these centralized organizations. These social media platforms have no regard for users’ privacy and are biased while promoting content. Viblos brings a mixture of centralized and decentralization solutions to […]

JuicyFields Review – JuicyFields.io proudly connects cannabis buyers, sellers, growers, activists, and enthusiasts across the globe, on one of the first legal Crowdgrowing platforms. 22 March 2020, Berlin, Germany – JuicyFields has announced the launch of its legal co-op cannabis Crowdgrowing platform. JuicyFields is a pioneer in its kind, with licensed partners in several countries, […]

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