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All About NFTs: The Latest NFT News and Trends

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have taken the world by storm as a new form of digital art and collectibles. Our NFT News category covers the latest news and trends in the world of NFTs, including new releases, auctions, and market analysis. We also explore the broader impact of NFTs on the art world, music industry, and more. Whether you’re a collector or just interested in this exciting new technology, our category provides a comprehensive guide to all things NFTs.

eBay Lays Off 30% Staff from the Web3 Team: Report

eBay has laid off a significant portion of its Web3 team and is now changing its strategy when it comes to NFTs and Web3.

Tom Brady NFT Hits $40,000 Sale Ahead of Super Bowl

Tom Brady NFTs are selling for a Premium worth $40,000 in an interesting twist ahead of the upcoming Super Bowl event

Judge Orders Ryder Ripps to Pay Yuga Labs $9M Over Copyright...

The longstanding Yuga Labs copyright lawsuit against Ryder Ripps will now see the latter pay almost $9 million in charges

Binance Introduces Inscription Marketplace to Boost Tokenization

Binance Exchange has launched its new trading platform -the Inscription Marketplace as it looks to bolster tokenization and its dominance

OpenSea CEO Hints at Openness to Potential Acquisitions

OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer has hinted at the readiness of the Non-Fungible Token marketplace to explore all forms of acquisitions

Ronaldo Plays Soccer with NFT Holders in a Binance Training Event

Soccer megastar Christiano Ronaldo trained with the holders of his NFT collection and gave them some tips to improve their game.

GameStop Shuts Down NFT Marketplace, Citing Regulatory Uncertainty

American game retailer GameStop has shut down its NFT marketplace as it looks to move away from the crypto ecosystem

Former US President Donald Trump Launches “Mugshot Edition” NFT Collection

Former US President, Donald Trump has launched a super rare NFT collection for his fans dubbed the Mugshot Edition

OpenSea Reduce Headcount by 50% in Preparation for Next Phase

Non-Fungible Token marketplace OpenSea has reduced its workforce by 50% in its bid to reposition the firm for its next phase

Magic Eden Suspends BRC-20 Trading to Protect Users

Non-Fungible Token marketplace Magic Eden has announced to its customers that it has suspended the trading of BRC-20

Blockticity Enables Rare Asset Minting on Avalanche Blockchain

Blockchain startup Blockticity has enabled the minting of rare assets like Mushrooms, Kratoms and hemp on Avalanche

OpenSea Launches A “No-code” Studio for Web3.0 Creators

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea has introduced a "no-code" studio which makes it easier for artists to create token

Coca-Cola Launches ‘Masterpiece’ NFT Collection on Base

Beverage manufacturing giant Coca-Cola has launched its first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Masterpiece on Base L2 platform

Magic Eden Announces Support for Solana’s Compressed NFTs

Magic Eden asserts that the fact that cNFTs' data is compressed and preserved off-chain which sets them apart from standard Solana NFTs.

Hit Song from Justin Bieber Becomes an NFT

Fans who possess an NFT of the song from Justin Bieber are going to be allowed to split a 1% royalty on the song's streams.

Soccer Star Ronaldo Unveils NFT Plans: Details

While not saying which non-fungible tokens (NFTs) he owned, soccer megastar Christiano Ronaldo acknowledged owning them.

Casio to Partner Polygon Labs to Launch Virtual G-SHOCK NFTs

Luxury watch-maker Casio has inked a partnership with Polygon Labs to launch virtual G-Shock NFTs for its community

US SEC Files First Enforcement Action Against an NFT Project

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has filed and settled charges against NFT project Impact Theory

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