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Nigeria is pivoting into AI as it is the first in Africa to launch a multilingual Large Language Model (LLM) application

Ripple CTO David Schwartz says he remains loyal to the blockchain payments firm, a response that has reignited confidence in the community

SBI VC Trade, the trading arm of Japanese banking giant has launched a new scheme to aid passive income generation for Shiba Inu holders

Ethereum is one of the most profitable networks as it has recorded a total $369 million in earned revenue in the first quarter

Stablecoin issuer Tether is advancing its influence in the industry as it has floated a new platform for educational outreach

BytePlus, a ByteDance subsidiary has entered into partnership with Sui Network as it makes its foray into the Web3 world

United States Senators are mulling the plan to ban algorithmic stablecoin as the risks posed by these assets is becoming alarming

OKX has launched its X Layer protocol on the mainnet using the Polygon technology stack as it looks to bolster Ethereum scalability

Trust Wallet CEO, Eowyn Chen, shared a screenshot showing a listing on the Dark Web offering the zero-day exploit for sale at $2 million.

The United Kingdom is set to greenlight new stablecoin regulation by July, ending months of push in that regard

Solana developers have released a major update on the mainnet that is capable of addressing the network congestion

The laundered funds came from an ETH blockchain address tied to previous scams before being moved to another address on the Polygon network.

Incoming Ethereum Pectra upgrade is set to unleash smart contract functionality as developers debates EIP 3074 benefits

Blast Layer-2 network has once again been targeted by a blockchain fraud group that sent the sum of $1 million through it

Binance Executive Nadeem Arjarwalla has been traced to Kenya as Nigerian authorities hatches extradition plans

Solana (SOL) is growing despite its congestion issues and Bernstein believes it is leading other blockchains as a payment method

Members of the crypto ecosystem are set to battle another Phishing scam as fraudulent ads targets users of Etherscan

The Base TVL stands at $4.15 billion, representing a significant increase of over 13.2% in the past week alone.

April 20, 2024

Nigeria is pivoting into AI as it is the first in..

Uniswap's latest feature debut, Sui's strategic partnership with BytePlus, and a..

April 20, 2024

Bitcoin halving 2024 is completed and the miners operating in the..

April 20, 2024

With the recent Bitcoin halving event, top investor Anthony Scaramucci has..

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