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Binance co-founder He Yi, who is the mother of at least two of CZ's three children, maintains an undisclosed stake in Binance.

Before the ban, Binance held a dominant position in the Indian crypto market, controlling nearly 90% of the country's crypto holdings.

Kenyan and Nigerian authorities are in talks to extradite Nadeem Anjarwalla who escaped from custody last month

Nadeem Arjarwalla had initially arrived in Nigeria in February and was detained alongside another Binance executive.

Binance Executive Nadeem Arjarwalla has been traced to Kenya as Nigerian authorities hatches extradition plans

Binance will halt support for trades and deposits of Bitcoin Ordinals, also known as Bitcoin NFTs, effective April 18.

The Binance executive still left in custody in Nigeria has been charged to Court with the case adjourned to April 19

Notable figures on the board include Binance CEO Richard Teng, co-founder Heina Chen, and individuals from prominent organizations.

Binance CEO Richard Teng has reportedly made a secret trip to South Korea on behalf of its Gopax Exchange and national regulation

Binance-backed HKVAEX has hit its own major roadblock as it unveils it is shutting down and withdrawing its license in Hong Kong

One of the detained Binance Executives Nadeem Anjarwalla has escaped from custody in Nigeria amid escalated tension with authorities

Binance has been ordered by a Nigerian Court to provide the full user data disclosure to enable the government investigate its activities

Binance Labs has severed ties with its former parent company Binance Exchange as it now hopes to pursue autonomy

The lawsuit involves investors who purchased seven tokens—ELF, EOS, FUN, ICX, OMG, QSP, and TRX—via Binance starting in 2017.

Binance Exchange has released its Next Platform as it looks to empower users to predict the next tokens it will launch

Amid the claims of currency manipulation and other financial crime probe, Nigerian lawmakers have summoned Binance CEO for questioning

Top Nigerian Government official Bayo Onanuga has dispelled rumors regarding the $10 billion fine levied on Binance

Binance had already imposed restrictions on Tether trading in Nigeria on February 20 in an effort to align with regulatory expectations.

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