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Following reports of explosions in Central Iran and Israeli airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, Bitcoin went down below the $60K price level.

Bitcoin faced downward price pressure over the weekend with BTC/USD dropping below $65,300 due to a liquidation cascade.

Traditionally, altcoin price movements have tended to trail behind those of Bitcoin and analysts have predicted an altseason.

Bitcoin mining difficulty has grown to record highs as more miners are plugging into the network, raising the hashrate

Grayscale's Zach Pandl said that factors like booming nominal growth and adoption trends will result in an increased demand for Bitcoin.

Metaplanet Inc, a Japanese publicly traded company has tapped Morgan Creek and Sora Ventures to embrace Bitcoin as Treasury Reserve Asset

Bitcoin has closed two consecutive months above the upper Bollinger Band, a technical indicator used to measure momentum and volatility. 

Legendary investor Anthony Scaramucci has shared his bullish stance on Bitcoin (BTC) projecting that the coin will hit $8 million eventually

Investment banking giant BlackRock has named new Authorized Participants like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup for its Bitcoin ETF

Ethena anticipates further growth and scalability for USDe, positioning it as a prominent player within the synthetic dollar market.

In preparation for the impending Bitcoin halving, miners have been taking proactive measures to bolster their financial resilience.

Bitcoin price has continued on its bearish descent and the drop below $67,000 has triggered over $500 million in liquidations

Stablecoin issuer Tether Holdings Ltd has made another 8,888 Bitcoin (BTC) acquisition, a figure that has helped it move up in ranking

Nilam Resources aims to issue a new Preferred Class of Series C Stock in exchange for the substantial Bitcoin holdings.

Following the recent slump in the Coinbase Bitcoin supply as it recorded 58,000 BTC outflow, exchange supply is now at a new low

Given the inflows into the BlackRock BTC ETF and the outflows from GBTC, analysts say that BlackRock could overtake Grayscale by April 11.

The investigation, which delved into 48 devices and thousands of digital files, revealed a web of Bitcoin transactions.

The coming Bitcoin Halving event has triggered an unusual trend with the migration of mining equipment to position for the supply crunch

April 20, 2024

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April 19, 2024

Ripple CTO David Schwartz says he remains loyal to the blockchain..

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