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China Becomes Binance’s Largest Market Amidst Crypto Ban

Binance's trading volume in China went parabolic in the month of May as the country remains its key market in Asia

China Court Considers Crypto as Legal Property: Details

A court stated that virtual assets have monetary properties and are able to be categorized as property in China.

Digital Yuan Close to Surpassing $250B in Transactions

With the exception of just a few trials in Hong Kong, digital yuan is still extremely limited compared to China's 1.4 billion people.

Company Behind CNHC Stablecoin Arrested by Chinese Officials

The family members of certain employees of the CNHC Group had been informed that the team had been arrested and taken away by the police. 

China’s New Blockchain Center to Train 500K Specialists

The new blockchain center in China will be led by the Beijing Academy of Blockchain and Edge Computing, as per the announcement.

China Launches First Blockchain Research Center

China, which has been one of the crypto-unfriendly nations, has now approved the launch of a blockchain research centre in Beijing

China Set to Debut NFT Marketplace in the New Year

China will open its first ever authorized platform for trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on January 1, 2023.

Former President of Russia Predicts a Bullish Future for Crypto

Dmitry Medvedev, a former President of Russia, predicted that the US dollar and Euro will collapse and crypto usage will dominate.

63 Arrested by China Police for Laundering Money Using Crypto

The police in Inner Mongolia, China, discovered a crypto money laundering gang that allegedly laundered $1.75 billion dirty cash.

People’s Bank of China governor says Digital Yuan prioritizes privacy and...

The central bank of China has emphasized numerous times that no CBDC in the world could possibly maintain perfect anonymity. 

Russia Plans to Engage Digital Ruble in Mutual Settlement With China

With the intent of launching the Russian Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) or Digital Ruble in 2023, a senior lawmaker has revealed the country’s...

China intensifies ‘Hundred-day Action,’ detains 93 money laundering suspects

China is known for its tough stance toward cryptocurrencies and the fact that it is used by many to launder money catalyzes its strong...

China Moves to Stop Unauthorized Use of Digital Works as NFTs

In a Friday announcement, authorities in China began a campaign against online piracy copyright violations as they noticed an increase in unauthorized use of...

China is looking to use blockchain tech for energy trading

A policy document from Friday reveals that the China Energy Administration (CEA) has decided to explore blockchain-powered trading platforms to facilitate power or electricity trading between...

Next Phase of China’s e-CNY Testing Commences

Chinese citizens can now pay for their public transportation fares with China's central bank digital currency (CBDC) dubbed the e-CNY. Based on gathered reports,...

Paying Salaries in USDT is Illegal, Chaoyang Court of China Rules

Payment of salaries and wages in Tether (USDT) is now regarded as illegal in China. In a recent labor dispute lawsuit, the Chaoyang Court...

The Chinese subsidiary of Sequoia Capital is reportedly raising $9B for...

The Chinese subsidiary of venture capital company Sequoia Capital has reportedly planned to secure $9 billion for four new funds. As per the report by The...

BSN chair believes Bitcoin is Ponzi and stablecoins would be fine...

One significant local blockchain specialist from China has referred to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a "Ponzi scheme" amid the Chinese government's ongoing celebration of...

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