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dYdX v4 is unaffected which last week witnessed $6 billion in trade volume and only the v3 seems to have been exploited.

WazirX has temporarily suspended withdrawals of both cryptocurrencies and Indian rupees on its platform post the hack.

The report outlines several methods used by money launderers to obscure the flow of funds including the use of crypto mixers or tumblers.

Filipino boyband SB19, with 3.6 million YouTube followers, and popular nine-piece musical group Ben&Ben fell prey to the hackers.

CoinStats revealed that a attacker, believed to be affiliated with a nation-state, managed to access the private keys of 1,590 wallets.

The X account of American actress Sydney Sweeney was recently hacked, leading to the promotion of the SWEENEY token.

ZachXBT provided further insights into the BtcTurk attack, suggesting that over $54 million in AVAX were transferred during the breach.

CoinStats has taken its platform offline for further investigation and the homepage now shows a placeholder notice.

The accused members of FIN9 are Vietnamese citizens Ta Van Tai, Nguyen Viet Quoc, Nguyen Trang Xuyen, and Nguyen Van Truong.

The UwU Lend protocol team announced a $5 million reward for information of the attacker who executed a second exploit on the protocol.

In a detailed blog post on May 21, Gala Games revealed that the attacker's wallet had sent back 5913.2 ETH, valued at $22.3 million.

In November 2023, Bitfinex encountered a minor information security incident when one of its customer support agents was hacked.

Avraham "Avi" Eisenberg, the Mango Markets exploiter, has been found guilty in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Shakeeb Ahmed, a computer security engineer, has been sentenced to three years for his involvement in Nirvana and Crypto Exchange hacks.

Prisma Finance has faced a major setback as it has lost the sum of $9 million through a major hack identified by Cyvers

According to a recent UN report, North Korea has managed to enhance its accessibility to foreign currencies via hacks and crypto scams

FixedFloat is another crypto platform to have suffered an exploit that saw around $26 million being drained from the platform.

The UN is investigating the DPRK-linked hacking groups that are responsible for carrying out attacks on crypto firms over the past six years.

July 24, 2024

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July 24, 2024

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