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Congressman Tom Emmer Brings Forth Anti-CBDC Bill: Details

Tom Emmer and 49 individuals who are original co-sponsors of the "CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act" reintroduced the bill on September 12.

G20 Introduces International Framework for Crypto

Since the beginning of this year, the G20 has been discussing how to collectively regulate cryptocurrency.

South Korea to Track and Freeze Digital Assets in the North

Lawmakers in South Korea have pushed a Bill that will empowers regulators to track and freeze digital assets in the North

Travel Rule Compliance Mandated for UK Crypto Firms

The Travel Rule regulation is now in full effect in the United Kingdom for crypto firms as global compliance deepens

EOS Wins Approval from Japanese Regulators

EOS token, a Layer-1 network for developers, has received regulatory permission from Japan's cryptocurrency authority.

India Calls for Global Crypto Framework at G20 Summit

Neither a single nation nor a group of nations should control crypto laws, regulations, or framework, said the Prime Minister of India.

dYdX Founder Advises Crypto Devs to Stop Serving US Customers

Antonio Juliano, the founder of dYdX asked crypto firms to focus on markets outside the US where they will achieve faster growth.

New Zealand Parliamentary Report Asks Lawmakers Not to be Hasty with...

A report was commissioned by the Finance and Expenditure Committee of the New Zealand House of Representatives in 2021.

US Federal Reserve Introduces New Crypto Supervision Measures

The United States Federal Reserve has introduced a new program to serve as surveillance guide for crypto supervision among banks

Crypto Users’ Personal Details will be Tracked by US Companies

When the crypto legislation comes into effect, firms will be required to compile the name, address, etc. of those spending $10K+ via crypto.

UK Crypto Crime Agency Seeks to Hire More People

The job openings involve looking into the highest level of crypto fraud cases in the UK, and money laundering cases as well.

Two Crypto Bills Pass US Congressional Committee

Two crypto bills were approved by the majority of United States lawmakers which aim to establish a regulatory framework for crypto.

Namibia Officially Signs Crypto Bill into Law: Details

The Namibia Virtual Assets Act 2023, was approved by President Hage Geingob and added into the Republic of Namibia's Gazette on July 21.

US DoJ to Double its Crypto Team: Details

The DoJ published a speech that was delivered by Nicole Argentieri, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General.

G20 Finalize on Global Crypto Regulation Recommendations

The G20 through its advisory body, the Financial Stability Board has finalized on the global crypto recommendations

Senator Lummis Seeks Clear Crypto Regulation Post XRP Case

Sen. Lummis emphasized the importance of retaining Howey test—the legal criterion used to determine if an investment counts as a security

Temasek Holds Back on Crypto Investments Amid Regulatory Uncertainty

Temasek is putting a pause on its engagements and investments in crypto-based startups based on uncertainty in regulations

Belarus Seeks to Put a Ban on P2P Crypto Transactions

Authorities in Belarus stated that they would prohibit people from engaging in P2P cryptocurrency transactions.

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