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Gillibrand and Lummis emphasized the necessity of requiring stablecoin issuers to maintain one-to-one reserves and implementing state.

The United Kingdom is set to greenlight new stablecoin regulation by July, ending months of push in that regard

Acknowledging the current tendency to view crypto through a negative lens, Senator Lummis stressed the need to balance regulatory measures.

The government of Estonia has greenlit a bill aimed at regulating cryptocurrency service providers in the region.

The newly enacted Digital Assets Law seeks to bring a robust regulatory framework for crypto within Dubai International Financial Centre.

Amidst the regulatory crackdowns it has faced since inception, Worldcoin is now ready to permit a South Korean probe

Wyoming has introduced a legal status for decentralized unincorporated nonprofit associations (DUNAs) based in the state.

The United Kingdom is tightening its grip on the digital currency ecosystem as it is a step closer to ratifying crypto seizure rules

Currently, the only exchanges with Hong Kong virtual asset trading platform (VATP) licenses are HashKey and OSL.

The Hong Kong regulator asked crypto custody firms to separate the clients’ assets from the company's assets.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is driving advanced crypto regulation moves through more stringent AML rule implementation

"This legislation, if implemented, will have no meaningful effect on the foreign illicit actors it targets," said Blockchain Association.

South Korea is introducing a new set of rules to double down on its crypto regulation efforts as it looks to protect investors

Growing exodus of enforcement lawyers at the US SEC's digital currency unit is casting troubling shadows over its crypto regulation efforts

Maxine Waters said that the US lawmakers are focused on passing a stablecoin bill and are "very, very close—very close."

Yellen emphasized the need for consumer investment protection in the crypto sector and the use of digital assets for illegal transactions.

The two crypto bills under discussion at the House of Representatives address stablecoin regulation and the regulatory framework of crypto.

Nigerian analysts are calling on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to create reforms that can support local crypto exchanges

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DTX Exchange attracts Uniswap and Render investors with its presale, promising..

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