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Curve Finance to Reimburse Users Post Hack

Some hackers took advantage of flaws in the publicly available history of Curve Finance's Vyper compiler on July 30.

FBI Warns Investors Against Phishing Scams

tHe FBI provided a number of guidelines for consumers to follow in order to shield their finances from these sorts of frauds.

Uniswap Founder’s Twitter Account Breached in Scam Attack

Hayden Adams, the founder of the Uniswap protocol has seen His Twitter account breached by unknown scammers

Instagram’s Thread is Already Becoming a Ground for Scammers

Numerous Crypto Twitter personalities have already detected fraudulent identities on Threads mimicking their accounts.

Ohio Man Accused of Crypto Scam, Court Orders to Pay $50M

A Ohio man is has been ordered to pay $27 million in fines and $27 million in compensation to the victims in alleged scam.

Over $7.8B Lost to Crypto Ponzi Schemes in 2022 – Report

According to a recent report from TRM Labs, a total sum of $7.8 billion were lost to crypto Ponzi schemes in 2022

CFTC Cracks Down on California Firm for Romance Scam

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has cracked down on California firm and its CEO over romance scam

Canadian Regulators Expose Crypto Firms Unduly Luring Investors

Canadian regulators are warning citizens against crypto firms that are using fake registration claims to lure investors

Nigerian Crypto Firm Patricia Pauses Withdrawals: Details

Patricia has hired an investigation company to perform an audit in order to increase the platform's security.

DoJ Sentences Ex-CEO of a SPAC 3 Years in Prison for...

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) sentenced Cooper J. Morgenthau 3 years in prison for stealing over $5M from three distinct SPACs

DoJ Charges Five For Price Manipulation of Hydro Token

The DOJ asserts that after the alleged manipulation of the price of the Hydro token, the co-conspirators made a profit of over $2 million.

Crypto Scammer Faces 7 Years in Prison: All You Need to...

Reginald Fowler is accused of misleading financial institutions and allowing criminals to use his platform to launder their money via crypto.

Phishing Crypto Attacks Have Surged by 40% in One Year: Report

5,040,520 crypto phishing assaults were discovered by Russian antivirus business, Kaspersky, in 2022, compared to 3,596,437 in 2021.

Fake Blur Airdrop Websites Steal $300K from Investors

The popularity of Blur NFT marketplace has given scammers a chance to spread their schemes via malicious websites.

Crypto Investors Spent $4.6B in ‘Pump and Dump’ Tokens

In 2022, crypto investors poured up to $4.6 billion into crypto tokens that were allegedly involved in "pump and dump" tactics.

California Debuts Crypto Scam Tracker

A new cryptocurrency scam tracker has been released by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation called zDFPI.

Crypto CEO has Pleaded Guilty to a $250M Scam

Prosecutors claim that the crypto CEO deposited at least $14.7M into his personal account and spent the money on a new BMW and other things.

Scammers Use ‘Lax’ Crypto Regulations in UK for Illicit Motives

An independent study found that at least 168 UK-based businesses are allegedly executing fraudulent crypto or foreign exchange (FX) scams.

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