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FBI Says North Korean Hackers Are Mulling Cashing Out Stolen Funds

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has confirmed that North Korean hackers are looking for ways to launder their funds

PayPal Temporarily Halts Crypto Purchases in the UK

PayPal, a well-known payments platform, has announced a temporary halt to its crypto services in the United Kingdom. The platform is temporarily suspending the...

Crypto Assets Cannot be Used for Lending: Thai SEC

Crypto firms in Thailand are required to issue proper warnings outlining dangers related to cryptocurrency trading.

Top US Investment Managers With $27T in AUM Eyes BTC and...

Top Investment Managers in the US including BlackRock and Fidelity are beginning to eye an entry into BTC and the crypto space

Mark Cuban Shows Support for Crypto, Calls Out Banks

Billionaire investor and crypto advocate Mark Cuban has reined in support for the digital currency ecosystem against traditional banks

Google Search For “Crypto” Face Decline and Head to 2020 Levels

The interest in the digital currency and Crypto as a search item has continued on a steady decline as 2020 levels are now in view

Crypto Exchange Hotbit Closes All CEX Operations

Crypto exchange Hotbit will be ending operations and has urged users to withdraw money by June 21 at 4:00 am UTC.

Crypto Should be Valued as ‘Proper Property,’ Says Sandbox Co-Founder

The founder of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, stated that digital assets like crypto and NFTs need to be considered as "proper properties."

U.S Secret Service Opens Up on Crypto Holding During AMA Session

The foremost United States Secret Service agency owns crypto and also has a Non-fungible token (NFT) collection

Crypto VC Firms Made Deals Worth $2.6B in Q1 2023: Report

According to the statistics, layer-2 scaling solutions that saw increased adoption in the crypto space in 2022 can maintain their momentum.

Paypal Q1 Earning Report Shows 56% Increase in Crypto Holdings

Paypal published its 2023 first quarter earning report and it shows that the firm had a 56% increase in its cryptocurrency holding

Crypto YouTuber Tom Nash Named in FTX Lawsuit

A Florida district court judge authorized The Moskowitz Law Firm request to put a legal notice on crypto YouTuber on May 2.

President Biden’s Comm Director Ban From Crypto Representation

President Joe Biden's Communications director has been banned from officially engaging in crypto representations

TikTok Becomes a Bedrock for Misleading Crypto Information: Report

A new research has shown that the TikTok social media platform is now the growing hub for the dissemination of wrong crypto info

Russia Readies Draft Law that Allows Crypto as Payment for International...

The government of Russia has announced a draft law to adopt crypto as payment for imports and exports to sustain international trade

UK Regulators Taps Celebrity to Caution Influencers Against Fraudulent Crypto Schemes

Regulators in the United Kingdom (UK) has Tapped a Celebrity to Caution Influencers Against Fraudulent Crypto Schemes

Nvidia Exec Sees No Value in Crypto to the Society

The Chief Technology Officer of Nvidia technology company, Michael Kagan has expressed doubts about the value of crypto to society

Belgium Regulator FSMA to Introduce Stricter Measures For Crypto Industry

The Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) is getting set to gain major prominence in the crypto industry of the region

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