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SoFi Shuts Down Crypto Operations Amidst Regulatory Scrutiny

Investment firm SoFi has shut down all of its crypto related operations, another reaction to regulatory uncertainty in the US

Cryptocurrency Not a Major Tool for Financing Terrorism: Chainalysis

Contrary to anti-crypto media and personalities, the role of cryptocurrency in financing terrorist activities is insignificant and negligible


Coinscribble – Dubai, 4th August 2023 - Safir Global for Marketing Management, a prominent company in developing marketing strategies for highly innovative hardware products...

Crypto Could Transcend Traditional International Currencies – BlackRock CEO

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has shared his opinion on the role crypto will play in transcending international currencies in the future

CatGPT: The World’s First AI Cat-Led Ethereum Token and NFT Collection

Coinscribble – June 16th, 2023 / $CatGPT is launching its own NFT collection on its website, CatGPT.Nexus, where you can try him yourself and...

Commonwealth Bank Halts Payments to Crypto Exchanges

Australia's Commonwealth Bank has halted payment to crypto exchanges in a bid to prevent fraud from the industry

Digital Currency Group Announces the Shut Down of TradeBlock

Breanne Madigan, CEO of TradeBlock, a subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group, will shut down the company, and the process begins on May 31.

President Biden Will Not Protect Crypto Investors in Debt Deal Talks

United States President Joe Biden has refused to strike a debt deal with Republican leaders that will protect crypto investors

Russian Lawmakers Proposes 4 Laws to Regulate Crypto

Lawmakers in Russia are presently working on four laws aimed at regulating various parts of crypto adoption in the country

India’s Finance Minister Advocates for Global Crypto Regulations

Nirmala Sitharaman, India's finance minister, has reportedly stated that a worldwide agreement is required for crypto regulation

India Finance Minister Calls For Immediate Efforts Towards Crypto Regulation

Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance Minister of India has hinted at an immediate need for concern for issues related to cryptocurrency

Web3 and Cryptocurrency: Revolutionizing Digital Finance

Web3 and Cryptocurrency are revolutionizing digital finance, their underlying technology, the challenges they face, and their potential future impact on the global financial landscape.

U.S. DoJ Seizes $112M Tied to Accounts Used by Crypto Scammers

U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ), six virtual currency accounts tied to crypto investment scams have been confiscated

OKX Announces Plan to Establish Office in Australia

Seychelles-based crypto exchange OKX has announced its intention to open an office in Australia to tap into the country's enthusiasm

IT Giant Fujitsu Submits Crypto-Related Trademark Application

Fujitsu is attempting to make its foray into the cryptocurrency industry and has indicated an interest in digital assets trading services

Ark Invest Floats New Crypto Fund After Raising $16M

Ark invest continued to maintain its bullish stance on the cryptocurrency market despite the uncertainty in the industry

Spain Leads Among Countries with Crypto Property Listed for Sales

Spain now has more real estate properties available for crypto purchases than any other country, according to a recent survey from Forex

Tim Berners-Lee Says Crypto is Highly Speculative and Dangerous

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web (www) said cryptocurrency is dangerous and can be likened to gambling

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