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Steven Nerayoff, an early advisor to the Ethereum network, seeks $9.6 billion in damages for the extortion case brought against him in 2019.

Presently, there are 46 Ethereum L2 solutions, collectively locking in $39 billion in value, with Arbirtum leading the pack at $18 billion.

Ethereum has proven to be a major leader in the Web3 world as it recorded a total of $369 million in revenue for the quarter

Coinbase analysts David Han and David Duong said in a recent research report that Ethereum restaking has benefits as well as disadvantages.

Eric Balchunas stated that the SEC Chair Gary Gensler's stance on Ether as a potential hurdle as he views ETH as a security.

Reddit has officially stated in a February 22 initial public offering (IPO) filing that it purchased small quantities of BTC and ETH.

Ethereum as a blockchain network has seen a massive jump in total gas fee for the month of February as average fees topped $11

Ethereum Co-Founder Jeffrey Wilcke has sparked a new intrigue in the community after transferring a total of $10 million ETH to Kraken

The Ethereum blockchain's Dencun Upgrade has successfully gone live on the Sepolia Testnet paving way for a closer mainnet launch

The spot Ether ETF application submitted by Fidelity was delayed by another 45 days by the United States SEC.

Ethereum core developers have activated the Dencun Upgrade on Goerli Testnet in a bid to make the protocol more functional

Celsius Network which is at the tail end of its restructuring proceedings has revealed plans to unstake Ethereum to settle its creditors

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has confirmed plans might soon be set off to rebrand the protocol's staking centralization

A Sleepdropping scam has drained the sum of $11.5 million in total from Ethereum users according to a new Blockfence report

Grayscale Ethereum Trust has been revealed to control more than 500 wallets as showcased by Arkham Intelligence

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