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Grayscale Meets SEC Over its Spot Bitcoin ETF Application

Grayscale Investments has reportedly met with the US SEC over its spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) application

SEC in Talks with Grayscale Over its Spot Bitcoin ETF Bid

The United States SEC is reportedly in talks with Grayscale over its spot Bitcoin ETF bid, an aftermath of the latter's legal victory

Grayscale Ready to Transform GBTC to ETF as SEC Misses Appeal...

Grayscale Investments is on track and ready to transform its GBTC product into an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) product

SEC Will Not Appeal Judge’s Ruling in Grayscale Lawsuit: Report

The United States SEC is reportedly not in favor of appealing the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals' decision in the Grayscale Bitcoin ETF case.

Grayscale Seeks to Convert Ethereum Trust to Spot ETF

Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein also announced that his firm intends to convert its Ethereum Trust to a spot Ether ETF.

Arkham Reveals 500 Wallets Linked to Grayscale Ethereum Trust

Grayscale Ethereum Trust has been revealed to control more than 500 wallets as showcased by Arkham Intelligence

Grayscale Wins Court Battle Over Bitcoin ETF Approval Against the SEC

Grayscale Investments has won its court battle against the US SEC in the much disputed spot Bitcoin ETF approval brawl

Grayscale CEO Says Involving Court for Crypto Cases will Drive Businesses...

Grayscale CEO said the market requires distinctive specifications for cryptocurrency commodities and cryptocurrency securities.

Grayscale Asks SEC to Greenlight 8 Spot ETFs Altogether

Grayscale said that there is "simply no reason" for the SEC to restrict GBTC investors from investing in a spot Bitcoin ETF.

Grayscale CEO Commends BlackRock Spot ETF Filing

Grayscale Investments CEO Michael Sonnenshein has hailed the spot Bitcoin ETF filing on BlackRock as a validation for crypto

Lido Becomes Second Heaviest Component on Grayscale DeFi Fund

The Grayscale DeFi Fund has seen Lido DAO (LDO) become the second largest component on the product per a new update

Grayscale Verdict May Pave Way For BlackRock’s Spot BTC ETF

The outcome of the Grayscale vs SEC Bitcoin ETF case may pave the way for BlackRock's spot BTC ETF application to be approved

Filecoin is a Security, Claims the SEC in a Notice to...

The SEC pointed out that Filecoin "meets the definition of a security" under federal law in a notice to Grayscale Investments.

Grayscale Seeks Approval from the SEC for New ETF Offerings

Grayscale has summited registration documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission to provide new ETF offers

Current Fed Rate Increases May Boost Crypto Prices – Grayscale

Grayscale believes the rate increases may benefit crypto prices as long as whatever occurs is consistent with market expectations

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