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Ledger CTO Charles Guillemet described the withdrawal of Monero (XMR) as suspicious owing to its inherent anonymizing qualities.

Ian Rogers, a Ledger executive, stated that Coinbase and Ledger are now “focused on making crypto easy-to-use and keeping consumers secure.”

Ledger has recorded a major hack of its ConnectKit Library with multiple protocols set to be impacted with huge damages

Trezor reported a 900% increase in sales following Ledger's seed recovery function, which faced fierce disapproval from the users. 

Pascal Gauthier, the CEO of Ledger said the firm could share details of customers' private seed phrases with the government if subpoenaed

July 25, 2024

Roma secures Virtual Assets Service Provider License from Dubai VARA

Render Whales Eye Raboo's Presale: Surpassing $2M Outperforming SHIB In Meme..

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