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Russia to Issue Digital Currency Amid International Isolation

Russia is revitalizing its plans to issue a digital currency as its international isolation grows deeper over the past year

Russia Received Up to $20M in Crypto Donations – Report

Despite its invasion of Ukraine, the government of Russia has continued to benefit from consistent crypto donations

Russia Abandons National Crypto Exchange as it Eyes New Approach

Authorities in Russia appears to be mulling plans of abandoning their planned national crypto exchange platform

Russia Readies Draft Law that Allows Crypto as Payment for International...

The government of Russia has announced a draft law to adopt crypto as payment for imports and exports to sustain international trade

Russian Crypto Tax Defaulters May Likely Face Jail Time

A law introducing harsh penalties for crypto miners in Russia who default in the payment of tax has now been drafted

Former President of Russia Predicts a Bullish Future for Crypto

Dmitry Medvedev, a former President of Russia, predicted that the US dollar and Euro will collapse and crypto usage will dominate.

Russia Delays Cryptocurrency Mining Bill: Report

Russia's crypto mining bill, which would legalize cryptocurrency mining, is currently on hold and is anticipated to be adopted by January.

How Ukraine Implements Crypto Payments During The War

Ukraine has managed to benefit from the crypto industry. People can easily donate money, send or receive funds from relatives

Russia Seeks To Integrate Blockchain Into Global Payment System

President of Russia believes in the establishment of a worldwide payment system that is immune to external influence using blockchain tech.

Russia Looks to Integrate Crypto Into its Financial System

The Russian central bank or the Bank of Russia is actively searching for a place for digital crypto assets in its financial system

Binance Serves Russian Nationals While Seeking Clarity on EU Sanctions

Binance has left its services accessible to non-sanctioned Russian nationals despite European Union sanctions against the country

European Commission imposes fresh sanctions against Russia

European Commission has imposed 8th sanctions package against Russia, a major step toward supporting Ukraine.

Here’s what Russia’s latest crypto mining bill proposes

Cryptocurrency mining should only be permitted in specified locations, according to an agreement between the Bank of Russia and the Russian Federation's Ministry of...

Russia Plans to Engage Digital Ruble in Mutual Settlement With China

With the intent of launching the Russian Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) or Digital Ruble in 2023, a senior lawmaker has revealed the country’s...

The Central Bank of Russia to review Moscow Exchange’s proposed crypto...

Amid the ongoing war with Ukraine, Russia changed its mind about cryptocurrencies and is now trying to make provisions for trade in digital assets. The...

Russia will now officially approve crypto use for cross border payments

According to a report from the Russian website Kommersant on Wednesday, legislation allowing cross-border crypto payments has been reached by the central bank of...

Russian Crypto Mining Industry Set to Receive Regulatory Standards for Legalization

The Russian Ministry of Economic Development and other state departments are planning to agree to the legalization of Bitcoin (BTC) mining. The announcement to...

SBI Holdings to close its mining shops in Russia amid the...

Russian Siberian crypto mining operations held by SBI Holdings, a Tokyo-based provider of online financial services, will close shop. The company claimed that this...

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