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Magic Eden Announces Support for Solana’s Compressed NFTs

Magic Eden asserts that the fact that cNFTs' data is compressed and preserved off-chain which sets them apart from standard Solana NFTs.

Shopify Announces Solana Pay Integration: Details

Shopify has added Solana Pay to its payment solutions, enabling businesses to utilize the blockchain to process crypto transactions via USDC.

Cardinal, a Prominent Project on Solana, Shuts Shop

The deadline for withdrawals is August 26th, said Cardinal which is winding down operations citing macroeconomic conditions.

Solana Foundation Says SOL is Not Security

The Solana Foundation has come out to refute the claims of the US SEC that its native token SOL is a security

Robinhood Considers Delisting SOL and Other Tokens Based on SEC’s Latest...

Commission-free brokerage firm is considering whether to delist Solana and other tokens recently designated as securities by the SEC

Solana has Integrated AI via ChatGPT Plugin: Details

On May 23, the Solana Foundation revealed that AI has been integrated on Solana through a ChatGPT plugin created by Solana Labs.

Solana to Debut ChatGPT Plugin to Fetch User Data

Solana Labs wasn't clear if the plugin will be released until OpenAI made the plugin functionality available to everyone.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Thrive in a Market Recovery: April 12,...

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies poised for growth in a market recovery. Learn about their potential, factors to consider, investing strategies, risks

Magic Eden Bids Cut Off 22 Employees Amidst Industry-Wide Layoff

Solana Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Magic Eden has embarked on a 15% headcount reduction in its business

Solana-based Phantom Wallet Floats New Tools to Improve Security

Phantom Wallet, a Solana wallet has initiated standards to shield users from attack and enhance Web3.0 authentication

US DoJ Launches Investigation into Saber Labs Founders

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has set up a probe investigation on the Macalinao brothers, Ian and Dylan, founders of Saber Labs

Metaplex Studio Activates FTX Contagion-Induced Layoff

Solana-based development studio Metaplex has announced several layoffs of its staff in a severe contagion tapped from FTX

Multicoin Capital Says FTX Contagion May Wipe out Many Firms

Multicoin Capital told investors it expects that in the coming weeks many crypto firms will suffer losses due to the FTX collapse

Solana Developers to Fork Serum Following FTX Hack

Developers in the Solana ecosystem have created new codes to fork Serum, a decentralized exchange software built on the protocol

Google Cloud announces partnership with Solana, SOL touches monthly high

Over the weekend, Google's cloud computing business, Google Cloud, announced that it is operating a validator on the Solana blockchain.

Developers to Receive a Version of Solana Mobile Phone Next Month

Solana mobile phones known as Saga, pre-production versions of the phones are scheduled to be shipped off to developers in December

The $47M Hacker Bounty to be Approved by the Mango Markets...

Mango Markets community, a Solana-based DeFi platform has started making plans to concede to the hacker’s request for a $47 million bounty

Preparations For Amulet Mainnet Launch Underway As Launch Date Gets Announced

The Amulet mainnet launch has officially been scheduled for 29th September, 2022. The team unveiled Amulet back in April along with the announcement pertaining...

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