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South Korea to Track and Freeze Digital Assets in the North

Lawmakers in South Korea have pushed a Bill that will empowers regulators to track and freeze digital assets in the North

South Korea Set to Pilot CBDC in 3 Regions

South Korea said the volume of suitable individuals in Busan is "so large that the Bank of Korea is burdened in many ways."

South Korean Legislator Quits Political Party Over Crypto Scandal

South Korean legislator, Kim Nam-kuk, has left the Democratic Party of Korea over a crypto-related scandal.

Bank of Korea to Start Probing Local Crypto Exchanges

The Bank of Korea is poised to oversee and track crypto service providers and issuers while the government debates virtual asset regulation.

Arrest Warrant for Daniel Shin is Once More Denied by Court

An application to detain Daniel Shin, co-founder of Terraform Labs has once again been rejected by a Seoul court

Illegal Crypto Transactions in South Korea Tops $4.3B in 2022

The use of crypto transactions to perpetrate financial scams, particularly across foreign borders, has recently increased in South Korea

South Korea Set to Categorize Certain Crypto Assets as Securities

The government of South Korea is set to apply the Capital Markets Act to Security tokens with a new law for other tokens

South Korea Plans the Release of a Cryptocurrency Tracking System

The South Korean government is planning the release of a crypto-tracking system that will help provide extra oversight on the industry

Prosecutors Orders Arrest of Terraform Labs’ Daniel Shin

The Seoul Southern District Prosecutors Office has issued an arrest warrant against failed Terraform Labs co-founder Daniel Shin

South Korea Prosecutors to Indict Terra Co-Founder Daniel Shin

South Korean prosecutors have revealed that the indictment of Terra co-founder Daniel Shin cannot be ruled out at this time

DAXA-Member Crypto Exchanges to Delist WEMIX in December

Five crypto exchanges in South Korea plan to delist Kosdaq-listed game developer WeMade Co.’s crypto native token Wemix (WEMIX)

South Korea Aim To Change Laws To Increase Control Over Crypto

Officials in South Korea are proposing new changes to the Digital Assets Bill to give them more authority over crypto exchanges.

South Korea’s FSC brings new laws to monitor crypto whales

The Financial Service Commission (FSC) believes that stablecoins and crypto are an easy choice for people that launder money.

South Korean authorities reportedly freeze $39M in crypto owned by Do...

South Korean authorities have tightened their fists to do everything possible for finding the real culprit behind the massive LUNA collapse.

South Korean man detained for sexually inappropriate conduct in Metaverse

A man in his 30s from South Korea was recently given a sentence of four years in prison for generating and storing sexually exploitative...

South Korean government’s YouTube channel compromises, hackers promote a crypto scam

On September 3, a group of hackers took control of the South Korean government's official YouTube account. They then used it to promote a...

South Korea Detains 16 Suspects in Connection to Illegal Foreign Transactions

The use of cryptocurrencies to perpetrate financial scams, especially across foreign territories has been on the rise in South Korea lately.  Results from conducted research...

Former Vice Minister of Economy in South Korea joins a Blockchain...

Yong-beom Kim, who served as the First Vice Minister of South Korea Ministry of Economy and Finance from 2019 to 2021, has accepted to...

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