Tag: Tokenization

American investment banking giant is on track to release three tokenization projects this year according to a Forbes report

Stablecoin issuer Tether had launched aUSDT, a synthetic dollar on its latest tokenization platform Alloy by Tether

The DTCC highlighted that these capabilities could support further industry exploration and enable numerous downstream use cases.

Regarding tokenization, Franklin Templeton chief executive, Jenny Johnson, expressed her enthusiasm for blockchain technology.

British multinational banking giant HSBC has launched its retail gold tokenization initiative beginning in Hong Kong

Citibank collaborated with two firms, Wellington Management and WisdomTree, to initiate the “proof of concept” for its new program.

Taurus, a digital asset infrastructure for banks and institutions, will now officially expand its TDX platform to Swiss retail traders.

Ripple Labs Inc is taking strategic steps to revolutionize the real estate ecosystem through its involvement in CBDCs

July 25, 2024

Roma secures Virtual Assets Service Provider License from Dubai VARA

Render Whales Eye Raboo's Presale: Surpassing $2M Outperforming SHIB In Meme..

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