3 Must Hold Altcoins For Biggest Crypto Bull Run In History


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As the crypto market gears up for what could be the biggest bull run in history, investors are shifting focus to the most promising altcoins. Among the contenders, Kaspa (KAS), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), and Rollblock (RBLK) stand out for their unique strengths and potential for massive gains. These three projects are not only capturing investor interest, but also showing serious reasons that they could experience huge growth. Rollblock has already seen a 50% increase in value with additional protection for investors due to it being in the presale phase.

Kaspa (KAS) Hits a New All Time High

Kaspa (KAS) is making waves in the cryptocurrency market with its privacy-focused blockchain platform. Recently, Kaspa hit an all-time high price of $0.19 on June 30, showcasing its potential to stand out in a volatile market. This peak marked the culmination of significant investor interest, signaling Kaspa’s path to major growth this year.

However, as is typical in the crypto world, Kaspa experienced a correction, dropping by about 7% from its peak. Despite this, most indicators show that Kaspa will remain strong, with an RSI of 68.52 indicating intense buying pressure. Analysts remain optimistic, with some projecting Kaspa could achieve a 100x increase from its current price, potentially reaching $18 by June 2029​​.

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NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Focusing on AI

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) has seen substantial growth in its token price and transaction volumes since early 2024. The launch of innovative features like Chain Signatures and the integration of HERE Wallet with Telegram have significantly enhanced NEAR Protocol’s accessibility and user experience.

NEAR Protocol’s focus on AI has also been a key driver of its growth. Initiatives like the NEAR.AI R&D Lab promise to improve consensus algorithms, enhance security, and introduce new economic models, making NEAR Protocol a standout in the blockchain space​​.

NEAR Protocol’s focus on AI and its continuous user growth, coupled with strategic enhancements and stablecoin activities, position NEAR Protocol as a must-hold altcoin for investors looking to capitalize on the next big bull run in the crypto market.

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Rollblock (RBLK) Offers an Innovative Passive Income Stream 

Rollblock (RBLK) is a rising star in the GambleFi sector, set to revolutionize the online gambling industry by merging decentralized and centralized gaming. Rollblock currently offers a fully licensed and operational casino with over 150 games from 10 different providers, including blackjack, poker, roulette, and slots. Sports betting is also coming to the platform soon and is expected to attract thousands of new users, taking Rollblock to the next level. 

By utilizing blockchain technology, Rollblock ensures all transactions are transparent and secure, addressing the trust issues often associated with traditional online casinos​​​​. Each wager is permanent and traceable on the blockchain, so bets cannot be altered. Another huge plus for Rollblock is its no-KYC requirement for users. Players can sign up with just an email or connect their decentralized crypto wallet, making it quick and easy to start gambling. This ease of access has led to thousands of users joining the ecosystem in just a few months, intriguing investors who are looking for their next big altcoin play.

Rollblock’s native token, $RBLK, also plays a major role. It serves as a reward for player activity and can be staked for additional rewards. This is done through Rollblock’s revenue-share model, which allocates up to 30% of its weekly profits to buy back $RBLK tokens from the open market. Half these tokens are burned, making $RBLK more scarce and valuable. The other half is distributed back to holders as staking rewards, offering some of the highest APYs in the crypto market.

Rollblock is disrupting the gambling industry valued at $450 billion annually. By 2028, this valuation is expected to reach over $750 billion, and Rollblock is in the absolute prime position to capitalize on this growth. Investors and analysts are in agreement that this project may just be a major winner of this upcoming bull run, and are starting to buy in.

Currently in the third stage of its presale, $RBLK is trading at just $0.015, with over 110 million tokens sold in less than a month. With a fixed supply of 1 billion $RBLK tokens, the scarcity factor is expected to drive up the token’s value, making now the most opportune time to invest in the project. Analysts are projecting $RBLK to see an 800%+ rise in value before the end of just the presale and potentially 100,000% by the end of this year. Early investors in this project may see extraordinary gains in the coming months.

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