$8M Bitcoin Prediction by Scaramucci, Emerging AI Altcoin Set for Profitable 2024


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After the launch of spot Bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs), BTC experienced an extended bullish rally. Many experts have predicted a huge rise for Bitcoin in the long term. 

SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci has been very bullish about Bitcoin. He has predicted that Bitcoin will be one of the top cryptos to invest in this year and its price could potentially shoot up to $8 million after the halving. 

Another altcoin that is expected to make 2024 a memorable year for the crypto community is InQubeta (QUBE). It has received a lot of praise for its unique utility that helps to connect AI startup owners with investors directly.

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InQubet’s cryptocurrency ICO has raised over $13.6 million as it concludes its presale.

InQubeta: A DeFi boost for the AI space

InQubeta has introduced a new cryptocurrency known as the QUBE token. QUBE is used for settling transactions and issuing rewards to users. 

Through the InQubeta platform, startup entrepreneurs can directly connect with investors looking to participate in their project’s success. 

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The offers from startup owners are converted into NFTs and users can buy them easily. Fractional investment is also allowed to enable even retail users to buy them easily. 

InQubeta also provides marketing and accounting support for new startups. Owners can also gain an advantage by seeking mentorship and advice from experts through the InQubeta platform. 

AI is an emerging sector and InQubeta has identified the gap in fundraising in this space. It can gain an early bird advantage as there are very few similar blockchain projects. 

QUBE also allows users to earn a passive income through staking. Whales are busy buying huge quantities of the QUBE token currently. 

InQubeta has built a rock-solid model that collects taxes for issuing staking rewards to users. 

QUBE is a deflationary cryptocurrency and the supply is controlled through a burn mechanism. Deflationary cryptocurrencies usually tend to do well in the long term as the supply is restricted. 

InQubeta works on a DAO model and token holders can participate in deciding the future course of action. All decisions are arrived at through a majority vote and users can also put up proposals or suggestions. 

A decentralized cryptocurrency like QUBE allows every token holder to participate in decision-making. In contrast, centralized cryptos often impose decisions on users and only a few participants decide the future of the platform.  

Future plans include listing on Uniswap and other exchanges to enable easy purchase of the QUBE token. 

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Bitcoin ETFs could get a green light in Hong Kong in April

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and has remained the top coin for a decade and is often credited with launching the blockchain revolution that has seen the introduction of many new altcoins

The native token BTC has always remained in the news but it is currently the hot favorite of many experts due to the upcoming halving event. 

Market experts claim that halving could help to push prices in the long term. 

SkyBridge Capital’s top boss Anthony Scaramucci is highly optimistic about BTC and has predicted that the pioneering crypto could potentially reach $8 million over time.

Meanwhile, many other countries are exploring the Bitcoin ETF investment instruments. As per reports, Hong Kong could soon approve spot BTC ETFs making it the first city in Asia to launch such products.  


InQubeta and Bitcoin offer a portfolio balance between utility and technological advancements. These coins are paving the way for more people to understand why cryptocurrencies are an unmissable opportunity and how they can benefit them.

If you ask analysts, they only have good things to say about the two tokens. Veteran players are expecting the Bitcoin price to rise higher as the upcoming halving and the popularity of spot ETFs could surge prices to the moon.

Analysts have predicted a huge bull rally in the upcoming months due to the upcoming halving event. 

Regarded as one of the best altcoins for 2024, InQubeta is one of the most popular tokens right now and users are accumulating huge quantities. 

Investing early during the presale period can potentially deliver huge returns in the long term. 

Experts have also suggested a potential rally once it gets listed on exchanges such as Uniswap in the near future. 

However, cryptocurrency buyers must carefully evaluate a project before investing huge sums of money. Diversification can help in reducing the risk in cryptocurrency investment instruments. 

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