Analysts’ Top 3 Picks That Could Explode Like Solana In Long Term


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  • NuggetRush offers DeFi features like play-to-earn gaming, staking, and NFTs, with a presale showing a 90% surge.
  • Due to staking, Mantle surged by 40%, while Jupiter rose by 150% post-airdrop. The potential targets are $2 and $5, respectively.
  • Analysts suggest investing in these tokens for significant returns.

This year, Solana (SOL) is one of the most widely talked about DeFi cryptocurrencies in the market. The appeal of Solana memecoins and its speedy recovery throughout 2023 rekindled investors’ confidence and drew new investors to its ecosystem. Solana recently outperformed Binance Coin (BNB), surpassing it in market cap while flipping Ethereum (ETH) with the amount of developer presence. This momentum also skyrocketed its price by 10x in a year, ranking it among the top bullish altcoins.

This growth has triggered a search for the next big crypto to replicate this performance, with investors pushing for multiple bullish tokens. Top industry analysts are backing numerous cryptocurrencies, and the top among them are Mantle (MNT), Jupiter (JUP), and NuggetRush (NUGX). Expectations are noticeably high for NuggetRush, with experts predicting a meteoric surge shortly after it launches.

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Let’s explore the explosive potential of Mantle, Jupiter, and NuggetRush.

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NuggetRush’s (NUGX) Future-proof DeFi Offerings Signals Life-changing Profits For Investors 

NuggetRush has held a special place in the hearts of meme coin lovers for its niche utility and has been dubbed the best crypto to invest in by multiple experts. NuggetRush is a rich DeFi platform that has been on its presale since last year. Thanks to its play-to-earn gaming, staking, and NFT offerings, the NUGX meme coin saw milestone demand from retail and large investors during the event. These are the best NFTs to buy because the character-based collection can be traded on the platform’s peer-to-peer marketplace. 

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NuggetRush’s NFTs get even better with a rare RUSHGEM collection that can be exchanged for real gold. These NFTs are baked into the gaming experience, earning NuggetRush massive appeal as the best crypto to invest in. Players are allowed to earn by mining for precious minerals from multiple in-game locations and trading them for real cash. These features, combined with a chance to stake NFTs, have cemented NuggetRush’s collectibles as the best NFTs to buy. Stakers will be rewarded NFT stakers with a 20% APY.

Since it went live, the presale has been a trending topic in the cryptocurrency community. During the event, NUGX skyrocketed from $0.01 to $0.019 in the ongoing launchpad stage. Investors who bought in when it first started are already up 90% on their investment. NuggetRush is set to launch, and after raising over $3.7 million, the meme coin is expected to deliver an explosive rally to milestone prices. 

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Mantle’s (MNT) New All-time High Confirms Potential To Deliver Bullish Run 

Mantle delivered one of the best crypto performances in March, outperforming most cryptocurrencies. MNT surged by 40% in a day, bringing it to a new all-time high. The recently launched MNT staking triggered this move as investors recognized an explosive opportunity. Over the week, the market cap of MNT rose to over $4.1 billion, settling at the 33rd spot in crypto rankings.

Even though Mantle retraced slightly, the token’s momentum hints at an incoming explosive surge. Some investors are expecting Mantle to dip. Fortunately, analysts maintain that if Mantle continues the bullish momentum, MNT may target a new all-time high at the $2.00 price.

Jupiter’s (JUP) Recent Performance Boosts Bullish Expectations 

Just like Solana memecoins, Solana-based DEXs have enjoyed their share of bullish momentum over recent months. Jupiter (JUP) is one of them, skyrocketing in adoption and the value of its JUP token. The platform has been trending since Jupiter executed its airdrop, pulling massive support, especially from Solana investors. Although March was a bearish month for the cryptocurrency market, Jupiter moved differently, charging upwards by over 150%.

Jupiter also surged in its trading volume, delivering a 64% growth in just one day. Jupiter has been trending upwards for a few weeks, displaying its potential to continue the bullish streak. By maintaining bullish momentum, Jupiter has caught the interest of investors and top analysts. Thanks to the platform’s growing adoption and the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, analysts expect JUP to push from around $1.50 to $5.00 before the end of the year.

Final Thoughts

As investors position to reap gains this year, they should consider investing in bullish altcoins like Mantle, Jupiter, and NuggetRush. These tokens, especially NuggetRush, have demonstrated lucrative potential, promising investors life-changing returns. NuggetRush has the potential to become a blue-chip memecoin with time, so analysts recommend getting in on the presale before the token launches and skyrockets.

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