Aptos and Filecoin Investors Rely on Massive Profit Potential on Milei Moneda Presale for Quick Bounceback



  • Aptos (APT) tumbles as market setbacks dampen investor optimism.
  • Filecoin’s (FIL) downturn continues amid a security breach and waning investor trust.
  • Investors flock to Milei Moneda’s ($MEDA) presale for its massive profit potential.

Milei Moneda has taken all market observers by surprise as it keeps positioning itself for unrivaled growth amid declines in Aptos Network (APT) and Filecoin (FIL). As $MEDA prepares for the biggest launch of the year, both Aptos and Filecoin Investors are relying heavily on its massive potential for significant profits. But how is Milei Moneda outperforming these top crypto coins? Find the details below! 

Economize Like Milei: Invest in $MEDA!

Will Aptos Recover? Bears Loom as Token Release Couldn’t  Ignite Price

The yearly price chart reveals that Aptos has tumbled by 28% due to setbacks from the overall market in the previous months. Similarly, in the past week, the price of APT has also declined by almost 25%. 

The weekly decline coincided with the recent release of APT tokens worth $351 million into circulation. Initially, investors were optimistic that the massive injection of APT tokens into the market would increase the trading volume of APT and eventually trigger a price pump.

However, the market crashed due to Bitcoin’s recent drop, stopping optimism surrounding the token. As bearish sentiments continue to dominate Aptos’ ecosystem, its token is expected to continue trading below $10, leading to investors searching for investment alternatives like Milei Moneda.

Filecoin Price in Freefall After Chinese Investigation Team Breach

Filecoin is also among the top DeFi coins that have witnessed a significant downtrend in the yearly charts, with about a 7% decline amid gaining popularity as a cloud storage resource for developers.

The altcoin has also been bearish in the past week, dropping by a staggering 33% due to a recent breach by a Chinese investigation team on a Filecoin staking platform. This breach led to the loss of Filecoin users’ funds, leading to a drop in trust and a bearish sentiment among its investors.  

According to Analysts, FIL may drop below $5 or remain consolidated at $5 and $7 in days to come as it continues to lose interest and trust from its investors. Similarly, FIL’s RSI, which is at 50.21, also indicates a downward trend.

Milei Moneda: The Rising Star of Meme Coins

Milei Moneda is the irresistible meme coin swiftly capturing the attention of FIL and APT investors as they bet on its potential to facilitate a rapid bounceback and secure substantial returns. Inspired by Javier Milei, $MEDA’s unique blend of humor, politics, and blockchain innovation keeps positioning it as one of the standout new ICOs of 2024.  

Milei Moneda is famous for its revolutionary Mileinomics ideology, which advocates economic freedom and decentralized finance (DeFi). Investors not only enjoy benefits like monthly giveaways, substantial discounts, and the platform’s coolest NFTs but they are also granted voting rights to decide the future of the Milei Moneda ecosystem.

So far in Stage 2 of its public presale, $MEDA boasts a price of $0.0125, representing a significant 25% surge from its Stage 1 price. As anticipation builds for its May 21 launch on Uniswap Protocol, $MEDA is projected to soar to an altcoin price of $0.020, a 60% ROI from the current price. 


While Aptos struggles amid token release and Filecoin faces a price plunge after a security breach, Milei Moneda’s Mileinomics ideology and deflationary token promise a fresh investment narrative. As a result of its upcoming launch and attractive returns, APT and FIL investors will continue to see $MEDA as one of the altcoins with massive upside potential.

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