Arbitrum (ARB) and Avalanche (AVAX) Declines Amidst Heavy Fluctuation – Pullix (PLX) Gears Up for Increased Adoption With Anticipated Price Rally After Launch


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Arbitrum (ARB) and Avalanche (AVAX) have shown a positive outlook over the past month, indicating a bullish trend. However, both tokens have recently experienced declines, raising concerns about the sustainability of their momentum. While Avalanche token has been trading below its weekly support three days ago, Arbitrum followed suit with a sharp decline as reflected in its weekly price chart. 

Meanwhile, Pullix is generating more momentum as it draws close to the end of the 8th and final stage of its presale campaign. Notably,  the token has established the potential to rank among top cryptocurrency in the DeFi market and is scheduled to be listed on BitMart, following its listing on CoinGecko. 

Avalanche Loses Momentum As The Price of AVAX Takes a Sharp Decline

Despite a positive outlook in the past month and a total gain of 13.16%, Avalanche is generally losing momentum as it could have priced better if the recent decline didn’t happen. In the past week, the price of Avalanche has declined by 5.97%.

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The current pricing range of Avalanche for this past week is hovering around $37.32 to $43.30, however, we might see a higher valuation if Avalanche is able to break out of its weekly support price of $39.9019 again.

Ultimately, Avalanche crypto is positioned as a good crypto to buy, having made a total of 80.47% yearly gain, which experts think is a good reason to hope for a better price for Avalanche this year. Regardless, it’s paramount to DYOR before making any investment decisions.

Pullix (PLX) Shows Incredible Presale Stats As It Concludes Its ICO and Awaits its Next Listing on BitMart

Pullix (PLX) is wrapping up its presale finale, where it is offering the native PLX token at a price of $0.14. Interestingly, the project has already sold over 100 million units of PLX tokens to raise over $7 million during the ongoing presale. 

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In addition to this successful fundraising, Pullix has exciting news to share: an upcoming listing on BitMart, a well-known and respected crypto exchange platform, alongside its official launch in a few weeks time. These developments signify significant progress for Pullix and generate anticipation for its future in the crypto market.

Essentially, the Pullix platform is particularly dedicated to addressing liquidity challenges whilst reducing market volatility to enhance the investing and trading experience. With its focus on user benefits and market stability, Pullix is set to emerge as a key player in the DeFi market.

Pullix also stands out in the DeFi landscape thanks to its innovative hybrid ecosystem, integrating the best elements of CeFi and DeFi within a unified ecosystem to offer users a unique and seamless online trading experience. 

Likewise, the introduction of an innovative Profit Share Model (PSM) and token burn mechanism not only boosts user earnings but also underscores Pullix’s commitment to managing token supply and value, positioning it as one of the best crypto investment opportunities.

The recent listing announcement coupled with the fast-selling pace of its presale is fueling further momentum for Pullix as more investors now consider it as one of the top DeFi projects of the year. With nearly 20,000 users already on board, Pullix is poised for a strong launch and subsequent listing on other major exchanges.

In addition to its impressive presale and innovative features, Pullix has achieved notable milestones, including attracting a record number of new holders and registrations in a single week, highlighting its growing popularity in the crypto community.

Arbitrum (ARB) Price Is on The Verge of Hitting Lower Levels If Current Momentum Keeps Lagging

Just like Avalanche, Arbitrum token is also losing momentum lately as the price of AVAX keeps sinking into lower levels. If the current price momentum doesn’t improve, Arbitrum may eventually hit a lower support of $1.8852.

Arbitrum has held a rocky price range in the past week ranging from $1.90 to $2.17. But, according to its current price trajectory, Arbitrum may end up falling to a lower range as its current price of AVAX is on the verge of leaving the $1.90 threshold.

Although Arbitrum can potentially 10x before the year ends, this Q1 seems like a turbulent stage for the coin, hence a proper market analysis and preparation for risk is needed before investing in Arbitrum token now. However, the coin may surpass its ATH again, before the end of April.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

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