Arbitrum Remains Down as Confidence in Monero and Raboo Soars to New Heights.


With the bull market gaining momentum after a six-week lull, widespread confidence is picking up with privacy coin Monero gaining plenty of traction, while crypto presale token Raboo is also smashing early presale records. Confidence isn’t shared around the entire crypto market, however, as Arbitrum remains down. What next for all three?  

Arbitrum is the forgotten one of the 2024 bull market so far

Arbitrum is an Ethereum layer-two scaling solution that hasn’t enjoyed the fruits of the bull market so far. Arbitrum works by leveraging optimistic rollups to enhance speed and cost-efficiency on the Ethereum network. 

The Arbitrum native token, ARB, plays a crucial role in governance within the Arbitrum DAO, as it allows token holders to vote on community proposals and other key upgrades. Despite its promising technology, Arbitrum‘s market performance has decreased by 20% as investors look elsewhere. That said, with news of the Ethereum ETF now looking likely to be approved this month, Ethereum layer-two tokens should see some positive price action going forward.

Can Monero continue rising, or will privacy come back to bite its rise?

Monero is finally capturing the bull market trend after a poor 12 months. Known for its focus on privacy and anonymity, Monero uses advanced cryptography to ensure that transactions are untraceable and wallet balances remain private. 

This makes Monero a preferred choice for users who prioritize confidentiality, but has made Monero a target for overreaching governments. This has led to a tough year for the Monero price, but it’s finally showing signs of recovery, surging 20% in the last month.

Crypto presale token Raboo is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the bull market

The new token Raboo is rapidly gaining momentum, with its crypto presale now in Stage 3 and showing significant promise. The token price is now $0.0042, up 40% from its launch price, but still a long way short of analyst predictions of 233% during the presale.

Investors are drawn to its unique integration of AI and SocialFi elements of the meme coin sector. This is buoyed by analyst predictions of the presale predictions and also an expected 100x ROI after it launches onto the broader market.

The success of Raboo’s presale reflects a new way for crypto presale tokens, as investors can earn before the presale ends. There are several ways, including active participation leading to special giveaways and airdrops, which has seen a community spring up even before the main launch.


With Bitcoin nearing a new ATH, the entire crypto bull market is clearly back in full mode. Arbitrum does appear to be the forgotten one, but with news on the Ethereum ETF turning positive, it could capture the attention of investors soon.

Monero has had a tough 12 months, but finally the price is seeing some positivity. However, with the government clamping down on privacy, it will be difficult.

Raboo is a brand new AI based meme coin, and its crypto presale has captured the attention of early investors. With analyst predictions of up to 100x after it launches later this year in the peak of the bull market, things are certainly looking good for investors and the Raboo community.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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