As Injective & First Digital USD Markets Waver Investors Find Solace in Raffle Coin’s Flourishing Presale


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Things happen quickly in crypto trading. Savvy traders are those who can spot opportunities from afar. The market is hardly ever stable. This is why many investors are on the lookout for promising projects like Raffle Coin now more than ever. Investors of Injective and owners of First Digital USD are not left out, as these markets have wavered in the past month. This can be seen from Injective’s price trend and from First Digital USD trading volume. 

Injective Struggles to Keep the Bears at Bay 

The finance blockchain utility token has been tossed between the bears and the bulls several times in the last year. Price charts show a negative stance when examined over extended time frames like 30 or 90 days.

Earlier in March, Injective saw a price increase of up to $45.74, but by early this month, it had dropped to $31.14, signaling a 13.78% price decline. However, the past seven days have seen a 1.72% increase, with Injective’s price reaching $31.94.

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This could be another of its attempts to take a bullish turn only to drop drastically again. Some crypto enthusiasts still believe that despite the market wavering, the token has the potential to stabilize. This belief is based on its connection to its highly admired Web 3.0 blockchain built for finance.

First Digital USD Markets Become More Unstable

First Digital USD’s performance has neither reflected widespread use and stability nor a growing adoption. Its price change over the week is merely a 0.29% decrease. This is not exactly a course for worry since FDUSD is a stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar at a 1:1 ratio.

Throughout the past week, its trading volume also fluctuated aggressively between $4.56B and $11.82B, with its price ranging between $0.998 and $1.003. Although it is still ranked #41, its recent fluctuations might begin to reduce investors’ interest in it. The biggest reason for this is that there are other more established stable coins in the market.

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Raffle Coin Presale Flourishes as Investors Take Solace in New Projects

Due to the current market instability, many investors have chosen to diversify their portfolios by investing in new projects. Injective and First Digital USD market volatility have also pushed their investors to look for projects like Raffle Coin. 

Raffle Coin is a decentralized raffle draw platform. By signing up and funding their accounts, users can participate in online raffles and win prizes that can be converted into the cryptocurrency of their choice. 

The Raffle coin presale is currently ongoing, with tokens selling for $0.020. With these tokens, presale investors can participate in the platform’s governance and enjoy a share of the revenue generated. 

Investors are also pouring into Raffle coin because it has passed its audit, and its liquidity will be locked for life. It could also allow them to get into a future blue-chip cryptocurrency early. As most people know, investing early in projects is the way to an impressive ROI.

Learn about Raffle coin here.

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