$BCH & $TON Outperform Market, $GFOX Expected to 50X Upon Launch


The much-anticipated Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash halving will take place in April. As expected, this has created some ripple effects on the prices of both cryptocurrencies. However, $BTC and $BCH aren’t the only cryptocurrencies with an upward price trend. Over the past week, $TON and $GFOX have also made headlines for their prices. As we anticipate the prices of these cryptocurrencies in April, here’s an expose of how $BCH, $TON, and $GFOX have performed this past week.


$BCH has increased by over 39% in the last week to reach a price of $598.28 as at the time of writing this article. The cryptocurrency started out at $435.95 at the beginning of the week and rose as high as $635.11 earlier today. This current upward trend can be linked to the anticipated halving of $BTC in April.

Unlike $BTC, $BCH has had only one halving, which occurred on April 8, 2020. It’s important to note that $BCH uses a different algorithm from $BTC, so the former’s mining is programmed with faster speed. This explains why $BCH’s halving is proposed for the first week in April while $BTC’s halving is expected later in the month.

As we head into the halving in April, traders and investors have been maximizing the price potential of the cryptocurrency. This growing interest in the token has increased the market cap to $11,834,982,405. $BCH’s increased price and market cap are reminiscent of its performance in May 2021, after it surged above the $1,300 price mark. Although $BCH is still a far cry from its all-time high in 2018, investors are actively anticipating the upcoming halving, with increased mining efforts and the securing of positions. 


Based on statistics from CoinMarketCap, Toncoin has gone up by over 8% in the last 7 days and over 97% in the last 30 days. Over this period, the cryptocurrency has raised $18,263,156,783 as its market cap. This unprecedented price surge has raised the confidence of investors in the cryptocurrency.

$TON rose drastically from $3.32 to $5 within 7 days. This surge may be linked to TON’s foundation’s announcement to distribute 30 million Toncoins to the $TON ecosystem via The Open League two weeks ago. While the TON foundation simply aims to incentivize the growth of its ecosystem, many investors have joined the community to receive some of the $TON scheduled to be disbursed on April 1.

Since the announcement, Toncoin has surged past the $4.85 resistance level. This indicates the cryptocurrency’s potential for a bullish trend. 


Galaxy Fox has garnered a lot of attention in the crypto market for its impressive performance and price potential. The token’s utility has earned it the attention of many investors. $GFOX is a hybrid token with impressive memecoin and GameFi features.

Based on its whitepaper, it’s evident that Galaxy Fox has a strategic approach and potential for rapid growth. The project runs deflationary tokenomics, which is often associated with other successful meme coins. This means that the project has a system of reducing its total supply, which will subsequently increase its demand and price.

Additionally, Galaxy Fox has created a unique reward concept for its community. The network runs a protocol-level marketing budget, which allocates 2% of transaction fees to its protocol Treasury. This ensures a consistent stream of revenue for community initiatives and marketing strategies. 

$GFOX’s utility extends beyond its memecoin and GameFi features. The ecosystem operates a Web3 runner game where players earn $GFOX. Although the network is similar to traditional play-to-earn models that reward skilled players for their gaming expertise, it provides earning opportunities for everyone. Through the network’s Stargate staking module, players can generate passive income by holding GFOX tokens. Stargate collects 2% of all transaction fees within the ecosystem and distributes the rewards appropriately to token holders. This reward system is potentially unlimited, so there’s no end to how much investors can amass from the network.

Having made over $5.5 million in sales from its presale stage in the last five months, $GFOX has a huge potential to earn early investors 50x their investment. As the Galaxy Fox network prepares for its token launch on DEX, the token’s community has been growing steadily, with more investors making the most of its multiple investment potentials.

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Final Thoughts

As crypto investors await $BTC and $BCH’s halving, a high price surge across the market is anticipated. There have been many speculations that the market will experience new all-time highs in the coming month. While cryptocurrencies like $BCH and $TON have outperformed the market in the past week thereby restoring the faith of some investors in the market, $GFOX’s proposed launch has further heightened price expectations in April. As a memecoin positively positioned with multiple utilities, investors are sure to make huge profits from the project’s launch. Thus, there’s no better time to buy $GFOX than now. Join the community of smart investors today.

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