Bearish Sentiment Hit Injective and Lido DAO; Investors Round Up Remaining Tokens On $RBLZ Recusants Round 5 At A Discount

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  • Digital asset custodian Hex Trust becomes the latest validator on Injective.
  • Blockchain analytics notes massive transfers of the Lido DAO tokens by a known crypto investment firm.
  • Only a limited number of tokens remain in the last presale round for Rebel Satoshi before it officially goes live.

Bearish sentiment has engulfed many alt coins to watch, including Injective (INJ) and Lido DAO (LDO). While one has welcomed a new validator, the other has experienced massive token transfers initiated by a known ‘whale.’

Meanwhile, investors have hurried to acquire the remaining tokens for the Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) presale. This sale event has entered Round 5, the final stage before the rebellious meme coin launches next month.

Stick around to learn more as we first uncover the pertinent progress for Injective and Lido DAO.

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Hex Trust Joins Injective as a Validator

Injective is among several top DeFi coins with an esteemed collective of global validators. Hex Trust is the latest entrant to this group, a licensed Web 3 digital asset custodian offering services for protocols, foundations, and financial companies.

Injective’s co-founder and CEO Eric Chen has hinted that more is at play with Hex Trust’s involvement. Chen suggests that Hex Trust will serve as an institutional bridge to Injective with a “bespoke infrastructure stack optimized to offer builders the best DeFi modules.”

At the same time, Injective continues to spread the news about its recently implemented gas compression feature. It’s an improvement to the platform’s near-zero gas fees, further lowering the costs of activities like staking and trading NFTs.

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While INJ is 27% lower from its yearly high of $45.27 (currently worth $33), estimates suggest INJ can surpass $90 by 2025.

Brevan Howard Digital Transfers A Large Amount Of LDO Tokens to Binance

The world of top crypto coins is one with multi-million dollar activity. Blockchain analytics platform Spotonchain recently spotted a transaction involving Lido DAO, naming Brevan Howard Digital as the performer.

The US crypto investment firm (also known as Dragonfly Capital) transferred 584,433 LDO (worth $1.62 million) to Binance. SpotonChain also reflects the same firm depositing 2.45 million LDO (worth $6.77 million) to another exchange a few days prior.

Interestingly, Dragonfly Capital has a history of dealing with Lido DAO, dating back to July 2021. Spotonchain notes that the firm has acquired 23.84 million LDO since this period across various platforms, with their profit at $9.72 million (21% growth).

Like INJ, LDO is noticeably down on the charts, trading at $2.86, 29% lower than the yearly high of $4.03. Yet, given Lido’s unwavering dominance in liquid staking, forecasters are confident LDO can exceed $8 by next year.

Finally, let’s discover more about Rebel Satoshi.

Investors Gather The Limited Number Of Tokens In Final Rebel Satoshi Presale Round

Rebel Satoshi is a rebel-motivated meme coin soon to be launched, bridging the gap between the current unjust financial system and enriching the ordinary folk oppressed by it with decentralized finance.

Like other meme tokens, the project will be an environment with fun and exclusive rewards, particularly for the nascent adopters. Their early anticipation during the presale stage is key to steering Rebel Satoshi‘s future.

This is where the Rebellion Secret Council comes in, where these members can gain governance power. Another exclusive benefit is induction into the Rebel Meme Hall of Fame, where users gain popularity in a community gallery with their best rebel-imagined memes.

Rebel Satoshi members simply need to own the $RBLZ token for these upsides, which also provides staking income and access to the Rebel NFT Vault, trading 9,999 symbolic digital art characters and collectibles.

A limited number of $RBLZ tokens remain in the Rebel Satoshi presale, which has entered its final round dubbed ‘Recusants Round 5.’ The coin has surged 140% since the first round, from $0.010 to $0.024.

As a relief for the latecomers, Rebel Satoshi is offering a time-limited 25% deposit bonus, meaning buyers receive a discount. The presale will end on February 29, 2024, preceding the project’s official launch and the listing of $RBLZ on exchanges!

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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