Binance Labs Announces Strategic Investment in L2 Network Developer Zircuit


Binance Labs, the venture capital arm of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has announced a strategic investment in Zircuit, a Layer 2 (L2) solution leveraging zero-knowledge (zk) rollup technology and artificial intelligence (AI). As per a blog post, this move underscores Binance’s commitment to enhancing user security and advancing the Web3 ecosystem.

Benefits of Binance’s Investment

Zircuit stands out in the competitive L2 landscape due to its unique integration of AI with ZK rollups. Binance Labs’ investment in Zircuit highlights its dedication to fostering innovative technologies that enhance the user experience in the Web3. As blockchain adoption grows, so does the need for scalable and secure solutions. Zircuit’s approach addresses these needs by providing a faster, more efficient, and secure transaction process.

This investment is a significant endorsement of Zircuit’s potential to revolutionize user security in the blockchain space. By leveraging AI, Zircuit optimizes performance, ensuring that transactions are processed swiftly and accurately. This innovation is particularly crucial as the blockchain industry faces increasing pressure to provide scalable solutions that do not sacrifice security.

Zircuit Launches Staking Program

Zircuit launched Zircuit staking, an innovative program that allows users to stake Ethereum (ETH), liquid staking tokens (LSTs), and liquid staking tokens (LRTs) to earn Zircuit Points. Shortly after the launch, Zircuit Staking accumulated over $129M on the Ethereum mainnet and continues to rise.

Currently, Zircuit has more than $3.5 billion worth of assets staked. Its Build to Earn initiative has also received over 1,100 applications. Built by a team with multiple research grants from the Ethereum Foundation and backed by Pantera Capital and Dragonfly Capital, Zircuit is leading the future of secure chains with sequencer-level security.

Moreover, Binance’s support for Zircuit reflects a broader trend of major industry players backing advanced technological solutions to drive the next phase of blockchain evolution.

Binance Labs is Dedicated to Web3.0

In April, Binance Labs emerged as the venture capital firm with the largest Launchpool projects among top investment firms. According to a report, data on 30 Binance Launchpool projects since November 2021 was compiled. The report identified participation from 288 institutional and individual investors in these Launchpool projects.

Binance Labs took the lead by participating in 21 projects with 190 investment portfolios, achieving an 11.05% hit rate for Launchpool. Meanwhile, in 2023, Binance Labs invested in five initiatives in the fifth season of its Incubation Programme, a chain-agnostic effort.

Yibo Ling, Chief Business Officer at Binance said: “Binance Labs remain dedicated to empowering scalable early-stage projects that contribute to the advancement of the industry. The exchange looks forward to seeing the positive impact of Season Five’s incubated projects on the broader Web3 ecosystem.”

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