Bitcoin ($BTC) Price Hits $54K, PEPE in Free Fall, Rollblock The Only Saving Grace For Crypto Investors


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Struggling crypto markets are failing institutional investors as Bitcoin slips to levels not seen since before exchange-traded fund approval. As even crypto native favorite memecoin Pepe ($PEPE) fails to hold higher prices, investors are left without a paddle, trying desperately to find the next coin to offer outsized returns.

Where are investors to turn when the two most rock-solid plays over the past year start to fail? Rollblock ($RBLK) offers an enticing opportunity to those seeking both sound fundamentals, and blistering innovation. Combining a solid business model and a dynamic community driven growth strategy, Rollblock aims to corner the on-chain casino market through radical transparency and overwhelming value. 

Bitcoin Decline Triggers a Bear Market

Despite wide international approval of exchange traded fund products allowing traditional finance investors a way to invest, Bitcoin ($BTC) has stumbled lately, dropping to prices not seen since the start of the year. Currently trading around $56K per coin, Bitcoin has failed to live up to investor expectations of stability and market outperformance.

Long thought of as a “sure thing” in crypto markets, Bitcoin continues to fail to set new highs, despite massive bid support from Wall-Street institutions and Speculators like Michael Saylor. As investors lose confidence in Bitcoin, some experts believe the cryptocurrency could see further declines, triggering all round bearish trends. 

Pepe ($PEPE) Loses Traction in the Meme Coin Space

Down over 50 percent in a few short weeks, $PEPE is now struggling to keep investor attention. With gamblers and investors alike favoring alt and memecoins on Solana and other networks, the lovable frog coin has returned to Q1 price levels. 

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Due to its lack of utility Pepe finds itself in a difficult situation. Without bullish momentum the meme coin is on track to face further declines in upcoming weeks, causing Pepe to lose most of its gains from Q1. 

Rollblock ($RBLK) Combines DeFi and Online Casinos

Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain for settlement and security, the Rollblock ($RBLK) casino is gearing up to challenge the $350 billion dollar gambling industry. Fully compliant with many international legal standards, their potential market is in the multiple billions. With unparalleled security and transparency, the project is well-positioned to compete against unregulated and shaky competition. 

The Rollblock casino combines the best of centralized and decentralized features to offer a well-rounded player experience. Its casino showcases over 150 games, from classics like blackjack and poker to new innovative games powered by AI technology. By using blockchain technology, Rollblock ensures that all bets are irrefutable and prevents them from being altered once placed. 

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With additional developments such as sports betting already in the pipeline, Rollblock is in an extremely strong position going into Q3. In addition to its lucrative security features, Rollblock also offers several income opportunities. Holders of its utility token, $RBLK, will earn a share in the platform’s profits. Rollblock will actively buy back, burn and redistribute up to 30% of its casino revenue, allowing token holders to generate a passive income stream. 

Users of the casino do not need a traditional KYC process. Only an email address and a deposit via crypto wallet are required for gamers to get started. By allowing permissionless use and investment, Rollblock ($RBLK) has a massive edge in growing both its user and capital base.

With over a million dollars raised from its presale, 100s of games already live on its website, and a concrete plan to return gambling revenue to coin holders, Rollblock ($RBLK) is hitting the ground running in its plan to dominate the online casino space.

At only $.0154 per token the Rollblock presale presents a unique opportunity for investors to get in on the ground floor of a unique exciting company in a massive growing market. Less than 20% of Rollblock’s stage 3 supply is still available, and so investors need to act fast to get $RBLK at such a low rate. With significant potential to disrupt one of the worlds fastest growing market, experts believe that $RBLK could see returns of over 800% in Q3, making $RBLK a must-buy token. 

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