Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Enthusiasts Align with Fezoo (FEZ), Drawn by Its Vision to Topple Major Exchanges


A lot of investors are tired of having to rely on major crypto exchanges to process transactions. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) enthusiasts are chief among the investors who are looking forward to a crypto platform that offers decentralized crypto exchange services.

Fezoo (FEZ) is a new cryptocurrency by all accounts, but it is all Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) investors can take about. Fezoo (FEZ) will provide opportunities for crypto investors to participate in crypto exchange activities and enjoy all the perks of being a part of a decentralized crypto platform with investor interest at heart.

Can Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Make a Positive Price Rally This March?

Analysts were happy when Bitcoin Cash (BCH) got to the $500 price level. Unfortunately, that joy appears to have been short-lived as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has dropped to even lower levels.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fell by up to 10% within a day, taking its price below $400. However Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has recovered in the last 24 hours and as of writing Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) price changes hands at $424.89. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) investors are desperate to see if it can make a price recovery and go back to its former price levels. Thankfully, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) whales are still adding to their investments so the coin still has a good shot at decent recovery.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) May Soon Make an Impressive Pride Correction

2023 wasn’t a very good year for NEAR Protocol (NEAR) holders as NEAR Protocol (NEAR) was below $2 for the greater part of the year. NEAR Protocol (NEAR) may however make a recovery this year as the platform is going back to its former relevance in the crypto market.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) started an impressive bull run just before 2024 began and it is already making impressive strides in this year’s market. NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is already hovering around close to the $7 price level, which is much higher than last year’s price.

Don’t Get Left Out of the New Fezoo (FEZ) Presale

Fezoo (FEZ) wants to ensure that crypto users are in full control of how they trade their finances. It does this by providing avenues for Fezoo (FEZ) traders to withdraw and deposit funds instantaneously. With Fezoo (FEZ), delays are practically nonexistent, making it perfect if you need to carry out emergency trades.

Fezoo (FEZ) doesn’t put its users through excessively long and strenuous verification processes. Once you can input your username and email address, you will be free to explore the Fezoo (FEZ) ecosystem and begin interacting with traders worldwide. Fezoo (FEZ) will also make your operations easier by offering trading bots that take away the strain of needing to input your trades one by one.

Fezoo (FEZ) is in the first stage of its presale where you can buy the tokens for just $0.013. There will be six presale stages in total so you have enough time to buy as many Fezoo (FEZ) tokens as you can before the token launches officially and the price skyrockets.

Fezoo (FEZ) has a rewards system in place for investors who buy into the presale. This rewards system will give you a portion of the revenue that Fezoo (FEZ) generates on the platform.

Find out more about the Fezoo (FEZ) presale by visiting the website here.

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