Bitcoin Cash, Toncoin, And DTX Are Three Coins To Buy Now Before Their Bull Market Rally Begins


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In the crypto market, there’s always a buzz surrounding the next big thing. Right now, investors are eyeing Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Toncoin (TON), and DTX Exchange (DTX) as potential game-changers in the upcoming bull run. 

While BCH and TON are already gaining traction, DTX is getting the most attention. Meanwhile, analysts predict price increases of 6.39% in Bitcoin Cash and 234% in Toncoin. 

Let’s examine why investors are accumulating these coins for the next crypto bull run and what makes DTX so special. 

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Bitcoin Cash Portrays Remarkable YTD Growth   

 In 2024, Bitcoin Cash showed remarkable resilience and growth potential amid market uncertainty and volatility. As of this writing, its YTD metric shows a stunning 74.6% price increase from January. 

Starting at $266.79 in January, BCH has risen to $465.80 as of writing. This makes it an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking significant profits in the upcoming bull run. While BCH has not reached four-digit prices, experts remain optimistic about its future prospects. 

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Analysts predict a potential 6.39% growth, which would push the price of BCH from $465.80 to $495.59 by the end of Q2. This growth would make BCH an even more attractive investment opportunity for those looking to diversify their portfolios.

BCH’s price movement mirrors that of Bitcoin, meaning BCH and BTC tend to trend similarly. Given BTC’s bullish outlook, it’s likely that BCH will follow suit and surpass analysts’ predictions by the end of Q2. With this performance and a bullish outlook, BCH is one of the best cryptos to buy now.   

Analysts Project TON to Reach $23.61 By the End of Q2  

Toncoin, ranked 9th among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, has experienced robust growth in 2024. TON’s surge of 162.07%, from $2.9 in late February to $7.6 in early April, clearly testifies to the remarkable growth of its ecosystem.

Despite this significant ascent, TON’s price dipped by 39.47%, finding support at $4.6 in late April. However, TON had rebounded by 53.7%, trading at $7.07 as of writing. 

Furthermore, analysts are optimistic that TON will gain by 234% and reach $23.61 by the end of Q2 2024. TON may be worth considering if you’ve been looking for the best coins to accumulate for the next crypto bull run.

DTX Exchange Emerges as a Top Choice for Crypto Investors 

DTX Exchange provides a cutting-edge crypto trading platform that equips users with sophisticated analytics. Investors can access many tradable assets, including Crypto, Equities, Forex, and CFDs). 

Moreover, DTX has tackled liquidity issues by implementing distributed liquidity pools. These pools leverage liquidity from various sources to create a robust and fluid trading environment. Additionally, traders benefit from minimal slippage and enhanced order execution, reinforcing DTX’s position as a leading presale token.

DTX has raised $2 million and over $650,000 in its private and public presales. With the price anticipated to rise from $0.04 to $0.06 in Stage 3 of its presale, DTX is attracting investors in droves as the crypto crash persists in the general market. 

DTX: The Emerging 100x Token 

Navigate the crypto wave with confidence at DTX Exchange. The presale’s success is a testament to DTX’s robust platform. Anchor your investments in a project that’s setting sail toward success. Boarding the DTX ship today is your first step to charting your path to financial prosperity. 

With DTX, you’re at the helm of a financial voyage that promises stability and growth. Embark on this journey with DTX and discover the treasure trove of opportunities in the vast cryptocurrency realm.

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