Bitcoin Dominance On The Rise Amid Altcoin Pullback; New DeFi Presale Looks To Deliver Huge Profit At Launch


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Bitcoin (BTC) is the largest cryptocurrency in the market, and this cannot be denied. As a result, it influences market movements and altcoin prices because of its market dominance. The launch of Bitcoin ETFs earlier in the year helped raise its supremacy as investors flocked to it in droves.

Meanwhile, a new hybrid DEX gains acceptance in its public presale for its massive profit promise. 

Discover the impact of the rising Bitcoin command and the new DeFi token promising lofty gains. 

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Why Is Bitcoin Dropping Amidst A Dominance Rise Over Other Altcoins?

Bitcoin’s performance impacts the entire crypto market and the price of top altcoins, displaying its dominance in the market. On June 10, 2024, market experts suggested that BTC dominance had risen by 1% to stand at 51.4%, increasing its impact in the crypto market. This means that the higher Bitcoin rises, the more likely the market and coin earnings from other tokens rise. 

In addition to its price movements, BTC ETFs have helped increase its command in the crypto market. As of June 10, Bitcoin ETFs reached a record 19 days where inflows were higher than outflows. 

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Why is Bitcoin dropping? Crypto enthusiasts are asking, given the rising ETF demand. After a price surge from $67,500 to $71,907 between June 1 and June 7, experts and enthusiasts declared the start of the next crypto bull run. However, the price increase was short-lived, as BTC bears overpowered the bulls to push the price down 5% to $68,507 on June 7. The BTC price drop was attributed to profit-taking, as Bitcoin reached a previous ATH. 

Given its significant market performance, many top altcoins, such as BNB, followed its trend, resulting in a 6.5% price drop from its new ATH of $720 on June 6 to $673 by June 10. 

New DeFi Public Presale: DTX Exchange Stuns The Crypto Market With Novel Platform And Profit Prospects 

Amidst the ongoing market volatility instigated by Bitcoin’s erratic movements, a promising DeFi token emerges in the crypto market. DTX Exchange, a hybrid investment platform, introduces traditional assets to the crypto world. 

Its uniqueness has stunned crypto enthusiasts and investors, causing high demand for its tokens in its ongoing public presale. DTX lists over 120,000 investable assets on its platform, increasing liquidity and investors’ chances of profitability. Further, traditional asset investors who switch to decentralized investing on DTX experience non-custodial wallets for the first time. 

On the other hand, crypto investors can buy traditional assets on-chain, with the flexibility to use fiat money or cryptocurrencies. Moreover, DTX enables speedy market analysis, high-frequency trading, and 1000x leverage to enhance profitability. 

Additionally, DTX Exchange is easy to use, providing all the information a trader requires to profit on the platform. Further, it facilitates commission-free trading and fast withdrawals when you exit your profitable positions. 

DTX’s ongoing public presale surprises participants and observers with the investor attention and inflows it has attracted. With over $2 million invested in its private sale, savvy investors who missed it speedily gobbled up available Stage 1 tokens. The DTX presale is now in Stage 2, with an optimistic outlook for investors who buy now.

Buy DTX In The Current Presale Stage, Stand a Chance to Enjoy an Attractive Discount and Profits

DTX’s token prices are low, with a valuation of $0.04, which offers a 100% gain for Stage 1 investors. Moreover, DTX Exchange gives a limited-time, 25% discount to Stage 2 investors and a chance to win over $1 million in prizes. 

Buying DTX now allows you to receive a 50% increase when it enters Stage 3, and its current price surges tremendously. If investors maintain their investment rate, we believe DTX Exchange will exceed the $0.12 anticipated launch price, making it the best crypto to buy now

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