Bitcoin In “Boredom Zone,” Holders Shift Their Attention To Shiba Inu and 100x Meme Coin Raboo


The crypto world continues to experience certain changes that affect the market trend of many coins. The year 2024 has been an eventful one, with the Bitcoin halving and Ethereum ETF saga happening all in one year. Experts expect more changes to occur this year. So investors and crypto enthusiasts need to prepare for more changes. 

With Bitcoin said to be in its “Boredom zone”, holders are shifting their attention to more predictable projects, like Raboo. The new meme coin, Raboo, has also caught the attention of major investors with its presale tokens making waves. 

Raboo is a top tier new meme coin project. It is still in its stage 3 presale, but it has raised over $1.5 million sales. The project prioritizes improving the meme culture and creating a community of meme coin enthusiasts. 

Bitcoin in its Boredom Zone, But Still Predicted To Gain Bullish Momentum 

Bitcoin’s price has been on a downward trend since it reached the $70,000 mark. This raised concerns amongst investors, because the decline was sudden. Its price is now $68,233 per token, with a 0.83% increase in value in the last 24 hours. 

Analysts predict it to still go up in momentum in the coming days. Bitcoin still continues to show signs of momentum as its trading volume and market cap keeps increasing. 

Even in its boredom state, the coin is still said to be one of the most profitable projects to invest in. 

Some Bitcoin holders are beginning to shift their attention to meme coins with great potential, such as Raboo. 

Shiba Inu’s unpredictable trend raises concerns amongst Investors

Shiba inu’s price value increased to $0.000029 earlier this month. This increase occurred after it rested between $0.000022 and $0.000025 for a month. It made investors optimistic on the future of Shiba Inu. 

The optimism was cut short after the coin’s price decreased to $0.00002589. Its market trend is now showing a 2.7% decrease in the past 24 hours. The rise and fall in price that occurred this month shows Shiba Inu is unpredictable. 

Shiba Inu’s fluctuating market trend has increased the search of Investors for more promising projects, such as Raboo. 

Raboo’s Presale Continues to Show Great Potential

Raboo is the next top tier meme coin to hit the crypto market. It is a new project that is going to focus on developing a strong community of meme lovers. By combining artificial intelligence and social-fi elements, Raboo enables presale token holders to compete in exciting meme generating activities. Investors can claim amazing rewards and prizes for participating in competitions. 

Analysts predict the price of Raboo to go up by 233% during the presale. Achieving this feat will make it the most popular AI-powered meme coin in 2024. The project is also working towards becoming a top 20 cryptocurrency by market cap. 

The Entry level token price for Raboo was $0.003. Its stage 3 presale price has now increased to $0.0042, indicating a potential to grow big in the coming years. Holders can now monetize their social media releases via Raboo’s Post-to-earn platform. All of these exciting features make Raboo the best coin to invest in today. 

Investors are advised to get on the Raboo presale coin rally now, because the earlier you invest the bigger your returns. 


The general crypto market continues to show downward trends across different projects. Investors and other crypto enthusiasts are rallying to new projects that guarantee a profitable future. This is why Bitcoin and Shiba Inu investors are shifting their attention to the Raboo presale project, the new promising meme coin. 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here


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