Bitcoin SV & Algorand Investors Get Behind DeeStream Seeing a New Titan in Streaming Emerging


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When you look back at a hit like Bitcoin, many people kick themselves for not jumping in early when its value was still small. They often wish they’d listened more closely to their friends who were onto something. The big reason Bitcoin and similar currencies have exploded in popularity is because they’re decentralized, meaning no one person or institution controls them.

Nowadays, there are a whole bunch of other digital currencies popping up, each with its selling point. One that’s been catching the eye of folks who hold Bitcoin SV and Algoran is DeeStream, a decentralized streaming platform.

How is Bitcoin SV different from Bitcoin?

Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin both come from the same starting point, the original Bitcoin system, but they’ve taken different paths as they’ve grown. BSV is about making the system bigger so it can handle more transactions simultaneously. They do this by allowing bigger blocks. On the other hand, BTC is more focused on finding other ways to make transactions faster and cheaper, like using the Lightning Network and Segregated Witness.

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People who support BSV stick to the original plan laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto. They want to make the main blockchain bigger and use it for lots of different things. BSV has a group of developers and supporters who decide how it grows and what changes are made to it. Now the BSV investors are behind the presale of the DeeStream as they are expecting huge returns after listing.

Algorand Investors are supporting DeeStream Presale

Algorand is like a big online ledger that is not controlled by any single person or company. Instead, it’s run by many computers all around the world. These computers use a special way of agreeing on transactions called Proof-of-Stake, which makes transactions faster and more secure.

DeeStream has the same features as Algorand. In Algorand, if you own some of its coins (called ALGO), you can earn rewards, kind of like getting interest in a savings account. This is different from other systems, where only certain people get rewards for making new blocks.

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DeeStream: New Titan in the Streaming Industry

Investors seem keen on spreading their investments across different areas, like cryptocurrencies and projects using blockchain tech. Two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin SV and Algorand, show this interest. And the investors of both coins are showing interest in platforms like DeeStream.

DeeStream is a new streaming platform similar to Kick, Twitch, and YouTube Live, but it uses blockchain and decentralization. They’re ahead of the game in a market expected to be worth $247 billion by 2027. Streamers on DeeStream get benefits like quick deposits and withdrawals, plus chances to make money through gifted subscriptions, Dee gifts and packages.

DeeStream just kicked off its presale, offering tokens for $0.06. If you buy during this presale, you’ll get a cut of the revenue as long as you keep your tokens.

Find out more about the DeeStream presale by visiting the website here

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