Bitcoin SV & Maker Investors Discover Lucrative Opportunities in Pushd’s E-Commerce Presale


Lately, the industry has been talking a lot about decentralized projects, particularly those that have a marketplace impact. These projects are expected to gain relevance over time, according to experts, and investing early in them could result in a substantial return on investment that exceeds that of most other crypto industries. Because of this, experienced traders from the Bitcoin SV and Maker communities have been monitoring Pushd’s progress during its presale.

Bitcoin SV Price, Community and Updates

After rising above the market’s early April fall, Bitcoin SV has shown itself to be a resilient asset. It is showing promising dynamics for an extension of the bullish trend. A price test of the coin up to $150 is one scenario that some analysts have even suggested might give it more upward impetus, particularly in light of the upcoming Bitcoin Halving event. The market’s most recent data indicates that the negative trend has increased by 4.5% over the past day. 

However, its liquidity is still high, which attracts new investors to enter and grow their stake in the cryptocurrency market. This is a big reason why many investors of Bitcoin SV have kept their bags. Despite this, many ave taken small parts of their winnings and placed them in other projects, particularly Pushd.

Maker Market Movement and Investor Reactions

Maker’s price is currently sitting at $2,840, which is down around 10% for the past week. One explanation for this trend could be the recent buzz surrounding the DAO Maker hack victims.In order to finance new Web3 projects in 2024, the DAO Maker cryptocurrency fundraising platform which should not be confused with the MakerDAO stablecoin protocol is looking to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Nevertheless, despite the project’s development team’s pledge to restore all victims’ rights, victims of its August 2021 cyberattack claim they were never paid back for the losses they sustained in the attack. Additionally, victims believe that DAO Maker has responsibility for these losses because the hack was caused by a private key compromise that happened as a result of the developers’ carelessness.

Bitcoin SV and Maker Communities Experiencing Incredible Hype Around Pushd Presale

When we think of e-commerce, we instantly think of Amazon because of its extensive product range and quick shipping. But, because customers may wind up paying a lot of fees, which raises pricing, the experience can be stressful. However, with the launch of Pushd, a ground-breaking technology that will alter how consumers shop online, that is about to change.

With a user-friendly interface and enhanced functionality compared to centralized markets, Pushd is the world’s first decentralized marketplace. One benefit is that customers can use any of the top cryptocurrencies they own to purchase things with minimal transaction costs. They will also have access to a commission-free swap option and a debit card. It has a major advantage over popular platforms thanks to these features. It is currently available for a measly price of $0.144.

Learn more about the Pushd (PUSHD) presale by visiting the website here.

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