Bitfinex Securities to Issue Two Tokenized Bonds With Mikro Kapital


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Bitfinex Securities has taken another swipe at tokenized bonds by tapping Mikro Kapital’s securitization fund Alternative for the launch of two new tokenized bonds. Per a report from The Block, the two new tokenized bonds are set to launch on the Bitcoin (BTC) sidechain known as the Liquid Network and the capital raise will commence as of July 3. 

It is bringing to investors the opportunity to take part in microfinance in addition to leveraging blockchain technology and its benefits. This is all part of Bitfinex Securities, ongoing issuance program with Alternative. 

Two Bond Duration And Coupon Rate 

The bonds program encompasses two durations and coupons that could be expanded at a later date. First, there is the 11-month bond with a 10% coupon rate and a 36-month bond with a 13.5% coupon rate, both part of the ongoing monthly program. For context, the coupon rate represents the annual interest rate paid to the bondholders by the bond issuer.

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The target for the capital raise is capped at $10 million in United States dollar-pegged stablecoin USDT. The expected minimum investment size is $125,000 and it is scheduled to close by July 31. 

Bitfinex Securities Long-term Relationship With Mikro Kapital 

Noteworthy, Bitfinex Securities’ first tokenized bonds was also issued on the Liquid Network and it was also in collaboration with Mikro Kapital. Hence, this new deal is a continuation of Bitfinex Securities’ support for these companies. When it debuted in December 2023, the firm secured more than $5 million in USDT. 

“By leveraging the Liquid Network, we are introducing innovative financial solutions that merge the strengths of traditional and crypto investments,” Bitfinex Securities Head of Operations Jesse Knutson said. 

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Bitfinex Securities Launch $6.25M Tokenized Debt for El Salvador 

In April, Bitfinex Securities announced plans to launch a $6.25 million tokenized debt issue to support the development of a 4,484 square meter Hampton by Hilton hotel complex at El Salvador International Airport. For the leading tokenized securities platform, this marked an intersection of finance and real estate. It perceived the launch as  a means to offer investors a unique opportunity to be part of a project with promising returns.

Plus it was all part of El Salvador’s wider modernization initiative to improve the region’s hospitality offerings and boost tourism.

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