$BOME Offered 20X Returns For Early Investors; Could $GFOX 200x?


The memecoin meta revolves around early entries, and the faster investors buy, the more they make. When selecting the best cryptocurrencies to buy, investors need to consider the token’s developmental stage. Is it in its Presale? Live on-chain? Already listed on centralized exchanges?

BOOK OF MEME ($BOME) offered 20X returns for early investors. Those who arrived first became overnight millionaires. This is how memecoins work, and for the uninitiated, the highest ROI skill to master this cycle is learning how to buy new crypto before listing. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is still in its presale and will undergo its retail launch in several weeks. Could $GFOX do a 200X?

BOOK OF MEME ($BOME) 20X Returns For Early Investors 

BOOK OF MEME was released by ‘Darkfarms1’, a self-pronounced doodle master who has an incredible talent for creating memeable artwork. The $BOME project held a presale, raising roughly $300,000, and then went to market. It started flying, printing 20X returns within 48 hours and before its retracement hit a market cap ATH exceeding $1.4 billion.

Who walked away rich? Anybody buying during the presale and as soon as it launched. In the memecoin arena, timing is everything. Finding a top crypto to buy is as much about the project as the purchase date, and many investors still do not understand this. $BOME’s current market cap of $750,000 still makes it a better option than established giants like $DOGE or $SHIB with their multi-billion dollar valuations. The whole space will rally over the coming twelve to eighteen months, and buying early is the key to success. That is precisely how buyers of $BOME hit 20X returns. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Ready to Print 200X Returns?

Galaxy Fox is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now and is still in its presale! Investors can join this project before it launches on the open market. Launch conditions could not be better as the second wind of memecoin mania begins, and $GFOX will additionally enjoy secondary tailwinds when the $ETH ETFs go live.

Its new hybrid approach has driven its early success, and blending a prototypical memecoin design with a play-to-earn game has proven to be a winning recipe. Players compete in the endless runner game that pays out prizes at the end of each season while enjoying all the upside that makes the memecoin genre famous.

Galaxy Fox’s tokenomics model has been the main factor and introduces two core features. Staking rewards that allow anyone to earn rewards in line with ecosystem activity. These stakers are stakeholders in this galactic ecosystem. And its aggressive token burn removes tokens from circulation and increases scarcity. Between these mechanisms, stakers are earning yield on a deflationary asset, and this $5 million market cap could rapidly teleport to a billion-dollar project before the year ends. 

When $GFOX launches on the open market, payouts will begin naturally increasing demand. Investors love assets that produce capital. The burn will reduce the total supply, and all new buyers will chase fewer tokens. Increased demand meeting falling supply is rocket fuel for price, and Galaxy Fox’s breakout will take the market by storm. 

Closing Thoughts: Memecoins Will Be Repriced Soon

The whole memecoin vertical is going to be repriced soon, and with the second leg of memecoin mania already underway, the window of opportunity is closing. Galaxy Fox’s value proposition massively outshines $BOME’s and investors are earlier to the party.

It deserves its listing among the best cryptocurrencies to buy now. Most forget that $DOGE had an $88 billion market cap at its peak. A $1 billion market cap is table stakes during a bull run, meaning 200X returns for anybody buying $GFOX today. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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