$BOME’s Insane Rise Explained; $GFOX Presale Breakdown


The crypto market is quickly surpassing traditional financial markets in terms of return opportunities. Despite existing for only around a decade, the industry now counts over 20,000 unique assets, each with different functionality and utility. One of the most phenomenal niches of the crypto market is meme coins – a fun and highly volatile field with the potential to bring 1000x returns overnight. 

Lately, two particular meme coins have taken the center of attention—BOOK OF MEME ($BOME), which made headlines by reaching a $1 billion market cap within just 48 hours, and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), which has impressively gathered over $5.3 million ahead of its launch. As the two best meme coins to buy now, $BOME and $GFOX are generating massive excitement and buying pressure.

Reasons Behind $BOME’s Remarkable Journey

Launched on the Solana blockchain, Book of Meme is a new meme token that combines decentralized storage, gambling, trade, and memes. The value of $BOME has increased 420% since its launch on March 10th, 2024, causing its price to surge to $0.02255 and its market cap to surpass $1 billion. In record speed, it landed at the 81st rank on Coinmarketcap.

Despite the recent decline to $0.01388, $BOME’s performance is still remarkable and has received a lot of attention from the market. 

There were a number of causes behind this increase. The 280% increase in $BOME’s trading volume is indicative of the general enthusiasm and FOMO that drove the price. Significant transactions, including the selling of more than 25 million $BOME tokens, contributed to this rush.


The token conducted one of the best ICO presales in the history of crypto, which drew significant investments, particularly from China and the UK, setting the stage for its explosive entry. The crypto community’s eagerness not to miss out on another potential windfall, similar to the dogwifhat meme coin, led to a staggering 2000% increase in value.

Listing on prominent crypto exchanges Binance and Bybit also helped $BOME gain traction by increasing its legitimacy and exposure. Both the market validation and the boost in liquidity brought about by these listings piqued the interest of investors in $BOME even more.

Galaxy Fox: The Next Big Thing?

Galaxy Fox has just come to light, with many anticipating it will become the next big thing in the crypto market. With a present market value of $5.3 million that has the potential to soar upon launch, its presale is already being compared to the surge of $BOME.

Galaxy Fox’s innovative hybrid concept combines the charm of a meme coin with a play-to-earn game. Incorporating NFTs into the mix helps the game achieve its goal of providing real benefits to the community while also giving players an advantage in-game.

The presale for Galaxy Fox has gone through 10 stages, with prices going up at each one. This means that early backers now expect a massive 450% return at launch. The last stage of the presale is almost over, and 90% of the tokens have already been sold. As a result, investors are rushing to get their hands on $GFOX at the present price since it promises big profits once it goes live.

This new ICO crypto will go live on Uniswap, and many anticipate it will be listed on the leading centralized exchanges as well. Considering the current hype around the meme coin market, Galaxy Fox, with its innovative utility and smartly designed tokenomics, truly takes the leading spot among the best meme coins to buy.

Bottom Line

In bull runs meme coins are often the ones generating the biggest returns for investors. Some of the best meme coins to buy, like $PEPE, $BONK, $DOGE, and $BOME, have already benefited from this trend, and now, Galaxy Fox is getting ready for its turn. With only a short time remaining until it goes live, those who want to capitalize on the next huge meme coin success should take a look at $GFOX before the chance passes you by.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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