$BTC ETFs See $4.6 Billion in Volume on First Day of Trading; $GFOX Presale Racks Up $2.7M

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Spot Bitcoin Exchange-traded Funds have commenced shortly after 11 issuers’ approval. While the $BTC ETF trading hasn’t impressed in terms of prive gains, the trading volume has exceeded expectations. Three approved issuers — Grayscale, Fidelity, and BlackRock add high volumes, with the total trading volume for the day being about $4.6 billion. $GFOX’s ICO is also progressing well, raising over $2.7 million. The new meme coin presale is headed towards $3 million and may surpass it days from now. Crypto enthusiasts have named $GFOX the best presale crypto to buy, and it looks ready to live up to that name. 

Galaxy Fox to Yield Massive Post-Presale Returns 

Experts believe Galaxy Fox is one of the crypto investments not to be missed in 2024. This is due to its low-risk potential and excellent potential. The meme coin is entering the market in a period when the spotlight is back on meme coins. This has put it on investors’ radar, increasing its propensity for high adoption. 

$GFOX will enter the market as a hybrid token with meme appeal and GameFi utility. The top token is designed to compete with pure meme coins and gaming tokens, and it’s expected to outshine most of them. $GFOX universal functionality is one feature that will contribute immensely to this. Ideally, native currencies are only functional in their ecosystem. But, for $GFOX, its functionality will extend to other similar platforms in the same space (web3). 

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$GFOX will serve developers, NFTs creators, and key players on other web3 spaces. It can be used to pay for specified services or functions on these spaces or reward their users. The universal usefulness across web3 and GameFi space will improve $GFOX adoption. The increase in adoption will add to its value and make it prominent. The Ethereum-based meme coin looks prepared for market entry, and its great outlook makes it a good crypto to buy. 

Galaxy Fox‘s presale value is set to be its lowest ever months from now. This implies that the presale is the best opportunity to possess the gem token without breaking the bank. The time-bound opportunity promises to be rewarding for investors committed to the project. 

While the fox-theme token has completed most of its presale stage, potential investors still have a chance to get in early. The presale has three stages left, meaning that new investors can still see major gains from $GFOX. Galaxy Fox’s latest presale phase is, however, selling faster than its previous ones as the hype around this token is accelerating exponentially. Hence, investors interested in making high-margin profit from the meme coin must act fast or miss out on $GFOX’s returns. 

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What Does $BTC ETF’s High Volume Signify?

Per analysts, the high volume recorded during the first day of ETF trading reflects strong market interest. It shows investors’ confidence in the spot Bitcoin ETF, and more is expected to come over the following months leading up to the halving. However, high volume without corresponding profitability will bring the opposite effect. This implies that the trading volume could reduce drastically if the ETFs fail to gain ground. The report of the first two trading days has shown a decline of about 5-6%. If this prolongs, the crypto market may start seeing the negative effects of the $BTC ETF approval. 

Market analysts hope that the positive effects of 11 approved $BTC ETFs will begin to show soon. This will impact the general crypto market positively, leading to improved price actions by top altcoins. $BTC will be most affected by how the $BTC ETF trading turns out. Already, the top cryptocurrency is down by about $4K, as all of the spot BTC ETF record loss. Experts suggest that a positive trading day will affect $BTC market price positively and vice versa. 


High trading volume for the BTC ETFs suggests a bullish sentiment amongst investors. However, the approved Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) struggle to find their feet. While it’s still early, analysts warn of the prolonged effect, especially on $BTC. In the same vein, market observers warn about missing out on $GFOX’s gains due to lack of proactiveness. They describe the presale as an opportunity to enjoy high yield, warning that not taking full advantage may be regretful. Join the presale now:

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