Bybit Files for Virtual Asset Trading Platform License in Hong Kong

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Bybit, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has made headlines with its application for a license in Hong Kong to operate as a “virtual asset trading platform.” 

This strategic move aligns with the company’s aim to tap into the burgeoning crypto market in the Asia Pacific region and cater to institutional clients.

According to Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Bybit application for a license is among the 14 cryptocurrency companies whose applications are formally being reviewed by the financial authority.

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Bybit’s decision to pursue regulatory approval in Hong Kong comes at a pivotal moment, amidst contrasting regulatory approaches in neighboring jurisdictions like mainland China. This number is a reflection of the increasing interest and competition in the region.

Bybit’s Application and Market Context

Bybit’s license application was submitted through its entity Spark Fintech Limited, signaling its commitment to establishing a foothold in Hong Kong’s crypto market. Besides Bybit, the Hong Kong SFC is reviewing applications from a total of 14 crypto firms, including OKX and an application for a spot Bitcoin ETF by Harvest Global Investments, one of China’s leading asset managers.

Bybit’s application highlights the importance of obtaining a Virtual Asset Trading Platform (VATP) license in Hong Kong. The city’s strategic location and well-established financial infrastructure is seen as conducive factors for its operations and clientele base.

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This recent move by Bybit is significant considering Hong Kong’s relatively welcoming stance towards crypto firms compared to mainland China’s stringent measures against crypto trading and mining.

Regulatory Landscape and Industry Outlook

Hong Kong’s regulatory landscape for crypto firms has evolved with the introduction of a licensing regime for virtual asset trading platforms in June 2023. The city has already granted licenses to platforms like HashKey and OSL, enabling them to offer retail trading services.

Moreover, regulatory authorities in Hong Kong have signaled their readiness to facilitate the introduction of spot crypto exchange-traded funds (ETFs), indicating a progressive approach towards financial innovation.

The potential introduction of spot crypto ETFs in Hong Kong has garnered interest from several fund companies, highlighting the growing demand for regulated crypto investment products in the region.

This trend points to the increasing convergence between traditional finance and the cryptocurrency industry, as evidenced by the recent application for a spot bitcoin ETF by the Hong Kong arm of Harvest Fund Management, a major Chinese asset manager.

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