Bybit Report Reveals Trading Volume Tripled Since October 2023; Holders Count Continue To Grow On Borroe Finance ($ROE) Presale


Crypto news reports that the crypto world has seen transformative growth in early 2024. In addition, Bybit’s report also showed growing trading volume in exchanges. Concurrently, Borroe Finance ($ROE) is capitalizing on this booming market with its AI-driven marketplace. Let’s explore more.


Crypto Trading Volumes Soar in 2024

Bybit Institutional Report 2024 shows that there has been huge growth in trading volumes in CEXs from October 2023 to March 2024. The total crypto market cap has also reached over $2.5 trillion in March 2024.

The report indicates that OKX and Binance, two leaders of crypto exchanges, have experienced an increase in trading volumes by 278% and 239%, respectively. Industry experts believe this is due to the growth of Bitcoin price and approval of Bitcoin ETFs in the US.

The report also points to bullish trends in the derivatives market with ongoing investor optimism. Furthermore, the report discusses Bitcoin’s role as a hedge within traditional finance portfolios. It suggests that a modest investment in Bitcoin and Ethereum can boost portfolio returns.

Amid these, experts also recommend including a new blockchain ICO$ROE in your portfolio. They say it will offer incredible ROI in the near future.

Borroe Finance Continues to Grow

Borroe Finance ($ROE) is an AI-powered funding marketplace in Web3. It empowers Web3 businesses to monetize their future earnings like subscriptions, invoices, etc via NFTs. Borroe Finance allows them to mint and sell coolest NFTs to generate instant cash flow.

This addresses the major issues of liquidity in Web3 businesses with irregular income streams. It will also help them to run smoothly in a struggling phase. Borroe Finance merges AI with blockchain to enhance this funding process and security.

As a result, Borroe Finance fosters a peer-to-peer marketplace where future revenue NFTs can be traded. Borroe Finance is currently in the last stage of the presale. New investors can buy $ROE tokens at $0.02 per token at stage 5.

Reports suggest $ROE will be launched at $0.025, a 25% profit for new investors. $ROE will be listed at Uniswap, a DEX (decentralized exchange) at first, and then other different exchanges including CEXs.

Borroe Finance has already raised over $3.92 million by selling over 298 million $ROE tokens. Tokenomics shows only 139 million $ROE tokens are left to be sold. In addition, investors are encouraged to take advantage of a limited-time offer using the promo code “WELCOME” to receive a 25% bonus on purchases.

Thus, holders of $ROE are growing every day. It is the best crypto investment you can make now for a nice ROI.

Learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE) here:

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