BytePlus Partners With Sui to Venture Into the Web3 Ecosystem


ByteDance a leading technology solutions provider and TikTok parent company through its subsidiary BytePlus has announced its strategic move into the Web3 ecosystem by partnering with Sui, a cutting-edge blockchain network. According to a blog post, this collaboration aims to revolutionize gaming and SocialFi experiences for users, marking a significant milestone in integrating advanced technologies in these industries.

BytePlus to Deliver Gaming and SocialFi Experiences

Sui, known for its high scalability and low-latency blockchain, is an ideal partner for BytePlus in its foray into Web3. By leveraging Sui’s technology, BytePlus plans to deliver next-generation experiences in gaming and SocialFi that emphasize security, speed, and efficiency. Interestingly, BytePlus’s expertise in AI and machine learning with Sui’s blockchain technology will offer innovative solutions that cater to the growth.

According to the blog post, BytePlus provides various services that cater to the different needs of its customers. One such service is BytePlus Recommend, which enables developers to create personalized applications. Another service is BytePlus Effects, which offers more than 70,000 stickers and effects for video applications. These exceptional services with Sui’s unique technology promise to bring new and innovative social applications.

Web3 Gaming Adoption is Increasing

Also, the company can use digital assets with dynamic features and programmable ownership policies to create brand-new experiences. These experiences will help in expanding the user base.

Undoubtedly, the gaming sector has consistently been a pioneer in embracing technological progress. The rise of Web 3.0 and its integration into gaming has ushered in a fresh era characterized by decentralized gaming encounters.

Likewise, investment activity in Web 3.0 gaming has surged, with OG Labs securing a $35 million pre-seed funding round on March 25. This demonstrates the increasing appetite among investors for projects operating within the gaming sector of the Web 3.0 space.

Potential of Web 3.0 Startups

The increase in venture capital activity within the crypto space further underscores the significance of accelerator programs. Firms like 1kx and Hack VC have recently closed significant fundraising rounds, highlighting investor confidence in the potential of Web3 startups.

However, amidst the boom, caution is advised. Sam Lehman, principal at Symbolic Capital, warns of potential predatory practices among accelerators. Founders must carefully evaluate the terms offered by these programs to ensure they align with their long-term interests.

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