Can DTX Outperform ONDO And Avalanche? Here’s Why Investors Are Betting Big


The presale section of the crypto market continues to attract investor attention. With DTX standing out in the presale coins list, investors suggest it may surpass ONDO and Avalanche (AVAX). Here’s why.


DTX Shines As Its Public Presale Displays Potential For Ascension

As DeFi becomes more popular, new DeFi projects join the crypto market daily. Exchange DTX (DTX) is one such project that introduced an umbrella trading platform encompassing 120,000 financial products, high liquidity, and decentralized wallets to the crypto market. With crypto investors recognizing its potential, its public presale enjoys massive demand and inflows

DTX is in the second round of its public presale. Its low price of $0.04 continues to entice DeFi investors and others who fear they will miss out on the 500% ROI it promises presale investors. With over $500,000 netted in the current presale round, experts suggest overwhelming demand that will only continue as the presale advances. 

With the third round starting soon, DTX Exchange (DTX) continues to attract investors with a 50% price surge to reach the $0.06 value per token. Moreover, with a target launch price of $0.12, a 200% price increase continues to attract new investors to the current presale stage.

Can ONDO and Avalanche (AVAX) offer DTX’s returns?  


ONDO Price Surges As BlackRock Turns Focus To RWA

ONDO has amassed significant momentum and investor interest as a new RWA-focused token. As RWA tokenization develops into an influential crypto vertical, ONDO may attract more attention and inflows, making it a good crypto to buy. 

Since its launch in January 2024, the ONDO price has increased by 693.75%. In May, it soared 63% from 0.78 to $1.27. The price increase was attributed to BlackRock’s $5 million investment, which seeks dominance in the RWA sector. With institutional backing, crypto enthusiasts are excited by RWA token prospects. 

Experts suggest a bullish market sentiment for ONDO as its price rise is accompanied by increasing investor interest and acquisition. A rising social dominance and RSI indicate it may continue ascending. ONDO price predictions project it may reach $3 by the end of the year. 

Avalanche (AVAX) Struggling To Catch Up With Other DeFi Tokens

Avalanche (AVAX) struggles against market volatility, hindering its price ascension. AVAX price fell 12% from $41.69 to $36.56 in the third week of May. Furthermore, Avalanche (AVAX) trading volumes fell significantly in the same period. 

Despite the price drop, Avalanche (AVAX) holders remain optimistic about its recovery. AVAX price experienced a surge after it announced its Web3 gaming partnership with Gamestar to launch a layer-1 chain for web3 game developers. Moreover, with Ethereum (ETH) gaining popularity, Avalanche (AVAX) holders expect a rise in network activity, which may result in a price surge, as one of the fastest EVM chain bridges.  

Experts suggest a bearish market sentiment for Avalanche (AVAX) as its price and demand fall. However, the future outlook remains bullish, with AVAX price predictions showing it may reach $50 by the end of the year. 

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